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Finding Religion Articles

How to find Specific Journals

If you want to find out if the Library has access to a particular journal title either in print or online follow these steps:

1. From the Library home page,, click on "Journal Search" in the search box (see below)

2. On the next page (see below) type the name of the journal (for example, Journal of Popular Culture) or search by category using the list in the left column.

Online Journals and Magazines


Citation guides and examples

Your professors will require that you correctly cite your sources. The following links will give you guidance on when and how to cite as well as examples of the various forms of citations in common usage such as MLA, APA and Chicago Style.

Citing Sources

This guide from Duke University gives clear examples of citing different sources in the major citation styles, APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and CSE.

Footnote and Citation Guides

The links from this guide will take you to a wide variety of citation guides, some general some designed to help very specific disciplines.

Tutorials for research success

This link will take you to several brief tutorials on Proper Usage including citing, understanding a citation and how to cite.