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Citation Searching

Not able to view the video tutorial above? 

The following also provides an example of how to do a Scripture Citation search in the ATLA Religion Database:

1.  Click into the ATLA Religion Database.

2. At the top of the screen click on the Indexes button.

(Please Note: Although, there is a Scriptures link at the top of screen, it is preferable to use the Indexes as this would be a more efficient way to search for articles dealing with specific Biblical Scripture references.)

3. Once you have changed the Browse an index box to Scripture Citation, type in your biblical reference.  See example below:

4. Click on the ADD button to add these references to the search box and click Search.  References to articles which pertain to your scripture references should appear.

Background Information


A commentary is a work devoted to the explanation, clarification, or illustration of the text of the Bible. Commentaries usually contain introductory material on each book of the Bible as well as a verse-by-verse analysis and extensive discussions of particular texts.  Commentaries comment on every single word in a particular book of the Bible, including important linguistic and interpretive issues associated with each passage.

The primary function of a good commentary is to furnish an exact interpretation of the meaning of the passage under consideration. It also shows the connection of ideas, the steps of argument, the scope and design of the whole text.