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Citing the Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD)

In order to cite an article in the Anchor Bible Dictionary (ABD), you will need:

  • the name of the author of the article (found at the end of the article, following the bibligraphy)
  • the title of the article (found at very beginning of the article)
  • the volume number and the page numbers of the article (found at the top of the page)ABD example

Bibliography Example

In the bibliography entries arranged in alphabetical order by last name and formatted with a hanging indent:

ABD bibliography example

SBL Style

Student Supplement for the SBL

Citing Commentaries in Chicago Style

Footnote Examples

The first appearance in the footnotes (the first line of each footnote is indented):

1 FirstName LastName, “Full Article Title,” ABD vol:page(s).

1 Robert T. Anderson, “Samaritans,” ABD 5:941-42.


Subsequent references in the footnotes:

2 LastName, “Abbreviated Article Title,” vol:page(s).

2 Anderson, “Samaritans,” 5:946.