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eBooks @ PLU: Credo

A guide to the PLU Library's eBook collection, including how to access, troubleshooting, and checkout options.

What is it?

Large collection of background research resources: encyclopedias, dictionaries, sourcebooks, almanacs, and other resources designed to get you started on your research and offer seeds for further study, including bibliographies and reference lists. Also includes research guides.

How to access

Access Credo:


Can I... a Credo book? No. You must be online with an active connection to use Credo. You can, however, download and save individual entries or chapters as PDFs.

...use Credo with my mobile device? Yes! Make sure to connect through the library website so you can log in.

...print from Credo books? Yes, you can print individual entries and chapters.

...use Credo with a screen reader or other accessibility device? Credo has been designed for use with screen readers, and to be navigated by keyboard as well as mouse. Here's some more information.

...use Credo as a course text or reading? Yes. Look for the permalink icon in blue near the top of the page for any entry you want to link to, and incorporate it into your course Sakai site.

eBooks Guide

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