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eBooks @ PLU: Springer

A guide to the PLU Library's eBook collection, including how to access, troubleshooting, and checkout options.

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What is it?

A collection of books, mostly on science and technology topics, published by Springer. Includes computer science, engineering, mathematics, life sciences, and a sprinkling of humanities.

How to access

Access Springer Books:


Can I... a Springer book? Yes! Download the entire book as a PDF or ePub, or just the chapters you need.

...use Springer with my mobile device? As long as you are on the PLU campus, you can read books on your phone. The content will adapt to the device you're using.

...print from Springer books? Yes. If you want to print the whole book, it's probably easier and cheaper to order a personal copy. Look for the "MyCopy" icon on each book's page.

...use Springer books with a screen reader or other accessibility device? Springer says that they "follow best practices for site design and are constantly looking to improve". The most recent standards for website design incorporate accessibility standards; Springer does not test their sites using accessibility software, but expects them to work.

...use a Springer book as a course text or reading? Yes. You may post a section of a book (such as a chapter) to your course Sakai, or (best practice) link to a chapter or book. Use our link converter to ensure that the content is accessible from off campus. 

eBooks Guide

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