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eBooks @ PLU: EBSCO

A guide to the PLU Library's eBook collection, including how to access, troubleshooting, and checkout options.

ebooks on EBSCO

What is it?

E-books on the EBSCO platform. Search, browse, print pages, check out to your reading device for up to 7 days. EBSCO e-books can also be found in the library catalog.


To check out EBSCO e-books, you will need:

  1. A MyEBSCOHost account. If you don't have one, you can create one during the checkout process. This also allows you to save articles for later, save searches, access your search history, and set up alerts.
  2. Adobe Digital Editions (or, if downloading directly to a device such as an iPad, an Adobe Digital Editions ID). Adobe Digital Editions is a free download to your computer.
  3. An e-reader. You can use an Adobe Digital Editions-compatible device, Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, or install the free BlueFire app on your iOS or Android device.

See EBSCO's instructions for how to check out and download a book.

How to access

Access EBSCO e-books:


Can I... an EBSCO book? Yes! You can get the EBSCO eBook App for your mobile device (Google Play or iTunes), or download it to your laptop or desktop using Adobe Digital Editions. All of these are free. Choose a checkout period between 1 and 7 days. (More information from EBSCO.)

...use EBSCO with my mobile device? Yes; see above.

...print from EBSCO books? Yes! You can save up to 100 pages (varies according to publisher restrictions) from an EBSCO e-book as a PDF, and print the PDF. Instructions from EBSCO.

...use EBSCO e-books with a screen reader or other accessibility device? Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with a number of screen readers, including VoiceOver, JAWS, NVDA, and Window-Eyes. Font size and screen contrast are adjustable. EBSCO e-books read online are in PDF format; downloaded to the app, they are in PDF or EPUB, which should be screen reader compatible. (More information from EBSCO.)

...use EBSCO e-books as a course text or reading? Yes. You may copy an excerpt to PDF as described above, and post it to your Sakai site. Or, link to the book using our resource linker. (However, keep in mind that most EBSCO e-books only allow one person to access them at a time.)

See EBSCO's support site for more details, including video tutorials on reading, downloading, and printing from e-books.

eBooks Guide

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