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Pacific Lutheran University

Inquiry. Service. Leadership. Care.

Library Snapshot Day 2018: Create the Library’s Vision Statement

Snapshot Day took place on May 14, 2018. It included suggestions from students for a new Library vision statement.

Suggestions for the Library’s New Vision Statement

Below are the suggestions students made on a whiteboard using magnetic words and markers. “*” notes that a student put a star next to an existing statement in agreement.

Whether alone or in a group, come study and leave ready for tomorrow.
Making information exciting to find.
An area where studying is easier.
PLU Library: learn, listen, get help.
Resources for those without.***
Help learners in finding critical thinking and explore their creative vision.
the Library: Come see us to have a chance to pass your classes.
Friendly, reliable, inspiring, helpful, and complete environment.
Serving College students pursuing understanding and vocation.
A nice place to learn successfully.
Helping students advance their vocation.
Provide resources to further student development and academic research.
Great place to focus.
Help, fast, focus, life-long.
A place to meet and study.
A great studying environment.
I live here.
Encourages everyone.
Great availability for resources.
Explore creative writing.
Focus community success.
Inspire homework.
Leave ready.
Come, collaborate, done, relax, go.
Great resource research projects.
Finding a nice space to learn successfully.
Empowers lifelong critical thinking assessable variety.
Accessible to everybody (safe space).
Empowers encourages creative projects.
Inspire, think, question.
Reliable care.
The best quiet place where we can read.
A relaxed pursuit of finding knowledge and information.
Wonderful librarians and terrific access.*
Finding information in friends.*
Relax, read, homework.**
Enables studying.
Inspire, think, question.
Advance research.
Resource success community environment.*
A space of knowledge and inquiry.
Exciting library service.
Successful productive.
Accessible reliable space
Everybody retrieve supreme love vision
A community of powerful pursuit
Reliable space
Resource community
Studying in a quiet place
Exciting vision
Critical thinking
Knowledge leads to success
Creating a space for students to find success through an environment that promotes learning and critical thinking.
Advance student’s learning and vocation
Accessible, convenient, productive and conducive to focus on their understanding
Spacious empowers encourages creative projects
Everybody ready to study in the PLU Library.
Community collaborates and pursues knowledge through inspiring care.