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Library Snapshot Day 2018: What do you like about the Library? - Full-Text Responses

Snapshot Day took place on May 14, 2018. It included suggestions from students for a new Library vision statement.

Full-Text Responses - What do you like about the Library?

Here are the full-text of responses to the whiteboard survey prompt, "What do you like about the Library?"

“*” notes that a student put a star next to an existing statement in agreement or that multiple students made the exact same statement.

Literally the only place I can get work done.**
Computers & printing*
Group tables on main floor*
All the natural light**
Study rooms with computers
Large tables, spacious*
Different types of seating
How the levels of noise vary by floor
The different levels
Cool in the summer!
Whiteboards on wheels
Quiet place to study and get away
Good group study space on 1st floor
Movie library!
My Help Desk staff and job
Resourceful (i.e., computers, books, tech)
Research resources
Mac computers**
Comfy chairs and plenty of room to study
Design Lab*
Integrated spaces like IT & Academic Assistance
They were nice to me when I spilled my coffee
There is always room to sit, either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor.
Quiet space for learning
Good place to study
Has printers
Study rooms***
New booths - bless these booths*
How easy it is to reserve rooms
It has technology that helps with schoolwork: projectors, moveable whiteboards, study rooms, etc.
Thank you for a great space where there is everything I need.
To be some place I can relax and learn while comfy.
The student aid
Help Desk
Interlibrary loan, Ebsco, JSTOR access**
Access to books, databases, study spaces, 3rd floor quietness*
The environment that the library gives***
Great study area for (loud) groups!
3rd floor natural lighting from atrium stairwell
Awesome spaces for studying
The staff and interlibrary loan
How helpful everyone is
Study rooms are great
Open feel of entry
Helpful nature of All
Dead week hours
Open environment for studying make me focus
Massive Holocaust Studies collection
Different levels for noise: allows people to study with what level they like
Wonderfully helpful staff
The different floors (level of noise)
Bathroom on the 1st floor
Study booths with easy access outlets
Different floors with noise
Different study spaces
Convenient printing, copying, scanning
Access to academia & entertainment & equipment
The amount of study space
The hours
Librarians are very helpful!!
The music section
The great staff
Cool people
The amount of computers and the tech services
That we can eat*
We can basically study here all day
There’s a microwave
Great quiet place to study (3rd floor)*
The library is awesome!
The computers
The levels of “quietness”*