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Library Snapshot Day 2015: Snapshot of the Day

Door Count


patrons and visitors came through the front door of the PLU Library on April 27

Find it Guides


number of subject or course guides viewed on April 27

Check Outs


Items were checked out of the PLU Library on April 27

Interlibrary Loans


Items where ordered, delivered electronically, and received and made ready for patron pick up on April 27

Library Building Open

18 hours

hours on April 27 (7am-1am)

Study Rooms


Study room reservations

Snapshot Day 2015!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Survey Results - Suggestions

We collected surveys from 281 people. Here's a short list of the most remarked suggestions with some representative quotes, for full text of all comments see this link:


furniture - 40 suggestions
more comfortable chairs, outlets to plug in computers

more chairs in groups, or have to reserve tables so that groups can use them

computers - 29 suggestions
more computer access on upper levels

maybe more computers? During some times of the year there is limited availability

hours - 26 suggestions
I would like more hours. I actually study on Friday nights, but it is closed

open earlier on weekends

building - 23 suggestions
the building would benefit from furniture and infrastructure upgrades toward technology use and wi-fi access throughout

outlets - 23 suggesitons
more outlets helps study groups

study rooms - 19 suggestions
better study room computers

more individual study rooms

Survey Results - What Patrons Like

We collected surveys from 281 people.  Here's a short list of the most remarked appreciations with some representative quotes, for full text of all comments see this link:

staff - 99 appreciations
the librarians and help desk can pretty much always help or at least try
The staff is amazing and are always willing and ready to help

study environment - 81 appreciations
I love that it's a place I can go to study outside of home
Great place to study and meet friends for study groups

general/services - 51 appreciations
how it is well organized, clean, and there are plenty of computers
I like the variety of the books. ILL is good

quiet/quiet levels - 41 appreciations
I like that it has levels of quietness and it's always available
Love the tiered quiet levels -- allowing for cooperative studies

hours - 18 appreciations
quiet, open almost 24/7, a great place to study
it is open at extensive hours, it has great study room availability