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WRIT 101 - Laurie-Berry: What is Academic Research?

Academic Research...

  • is different from searching for answers to simple questions such as what time the bus comes, or whether a class is in Ramstad or Rieke
  • is more like the process of making an important, many-factored decision such as whether to study away, or take a job in a different city
  • poses questions that cannot be answered from a single source
  • requires consulting multiple sources from which to derive your own insights
  • may yield information that supports or contradicts your argument
  • relies on information created by people who have developed expertise through scholarship and/or long direct experience
  • may use more formal terminology than everyday discussion of the same concepts
  • is a non-linear, iterative process
  • can be messy!

Today's objectives...

  • to introduce and enhance academic research skills that can inform your thinking and writing on the Green Revolution, GMOs, food insecurity, and related topics
  • to develop your topics through processes of reflection and research
  • provide you with the opportunity to explore what the library has to offer to help substantiate your papers
  • apply your critical reading skills to the resources you find
  • incorporate the sources you choose into your own papers

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