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Library Snapshot Day 2017: Positive Impact - Full-Text Responses

Snapshot Day took place on April 3, 2017. It was combined with a celebration of Mortvedt Library's 50th anniversary.

Full-Text Responses

Here are the full-text of responses to the survey prompt, "Tell us in a few sentences about a time that Library staff, services, resources, or spaces had a positive impact on your work."


The library is always a nice place to study.
I appreciate the study rooms -- perfect for group studying, skype interviews, etc. I also like the whiteboards for doing practice problems or review.
The person at the help desk helped me with print stuff, I was in a hurry to print, he not only reset my password for me, but gave me instruction on how to use printer here.
The computer lab is a good place for me to focus and get work done. The Information and technology service helped me with wi-fi stuff.
Helped me out with printing issues, helped me with some white board markers and study room reservation!
When I needed help with sources a librarian helped me.
Being open late during finals is really important! Also having textbooks available is really helpful for when I need information.
The research librarians are *such* an amazing resource to research projects. Make work easier by helping identify sources.
The quiet floor is where I have lived as a nursing student. The study rooms are also a huge area of study for me. (white boards)
I really enjoy the study rooms. I wish they were a bit more accessible. I love how the library is organized. I am a music student and I appreciate how many resources you have!
They were very helpful when I had to find a book for my religion class.
The Help Desk is very helpful. The different types of spaces on the 3rd floor are good.
Love the study rooms!!! And the library staff seem so passionate about ther jobs, it's contagious!
Love it! Always there for help and assistance.
Very friendly, helpful, and approachable. Library tends to be a nice place to study.
Quite study space, open late.
Spaces are very helpful when I am trying to focus. Especially the third floor quiet area.
With research.
I love the study rooms!
The writing (center?) is a great place to get some feedback.
Love the quiet 3rd floor, especially the desks that have extra lighting and plugs.
I really love the seclusion of the bean bag area and how each table in the library has a sort of nice study vibe to it.
The study rooms have been very important to my studying. I love how I can use the white boards in the study rooms. Also the library staff has been very helpful in helping me find books to write essays.
The large study tables in front on the first floor are perfect for group projects, especially when they are close to the computers.
Good private rooms. Ability to meet with groups for collaboration.
The library staff has always been helpful. Rooms always clean with ample space.
The quiet cubbies or the 3rd floor.
Every person who works here has been extremely helpful any time I have an issue or questions.
So friendly, welcoming and willing to help.
I have had multiple hours used in this library to help find a place in order to work on projects. People at the help and front desk seem to always be in a good mood.
When I lost my keys everyone was very helpful in trying to find them!
Everyone here is super nice, it's always clean and well maintained. Is is clear that you work really hard.
For group projects tables (table with computer) along with grouped chairs have been awesome. Library staff at Help Desk and computer lab have been helpful.
have used the Help Desk many times for assistance.
The third floor is amazing.
It's been good to have a printing here for emergencies! I love the seating areas by the windows and especially all the plants.
always willing to help. Interlibrary loan!
Interlibrary loan has been incredibly important to my work for my major. In addition, JSTOR and EBSCO. The third floor is a life saver when I can't seem to focus. And of course the librarians are always very friendly and helpful.
Excellent help with ILL over the years! Many thanks for workshops and training sessions, too.
Discovering the individual study rooms has been great for me. This library is a boon to the university!
During the morning time when the library is less crowded.
Very friendly staff, always nappy to help, and answer questions. The library online articles have saved so much time while writing essays.
Th staff have been good at answering questions and assisting me. The study rooms hve given me a quiet place to work.
I really enjoy the study rooms on the third floor. They are very useful for studying and using as a space to conduct meetings.
I really appreciate how helpful and available librarians have been over my 4 years here at PLU.
The staff is always pleasant and helpful.
Using research librarians to get better idea of research projects. Also ILL librarians who went above and beyond in getting hard copies of documents/books to better facilitate research.
Quiet - which is nice. So many places to study.
The library staff is always kind, enthusiastic and helpful.
There are many times the library staff has helped me out with school work. One time I had to do some work on the computer for video editing, but the staff helped me with renting some headphones because I forgot them.
Friendly staff. Helped me figure out how the library was organized once.
Friendly, helpful, informative.
They helped me with technical difficulty.
Everyone has always been very helpful and kind. It's so peaceful and I love having multiple spaces to work especially the little corners on the upper floors.
The time I used the databases to find a book.
I am my most productive studying on the second floor by the music books.
Well organized sections has helped me with research.
The research librarians have been fantastic with helping me find sources with my projects.
The Writing Center help is amazing.
Everyone is very helpful and there is always a person available to answer any questions.
Awesome staff very helpful.
I really appreciate study rooms. Front desk staff are so helpful!
The third floor is great space for personal study.
I have spent countless hours studying in the library and have completed many group projects in the study rooms.
A quiet and productive space to work when I need it.
The library space is the best space to study on campus. It can be quiet, which is important, but I appreciate that it is always well-lit and has good hours, The staff has always been very nice as well.
I had to figure out what movies we had available for public showing. It could've been a nightmare, but the librarians were do helpful!
I'm nearly always in the library, so I can't think of just one time, but I think it's pretty good overall, but could use a few tweaks.
The library is a life saver during finals. But this semester I have come to use the study rooms at the library every day. It provides a quiet place for me to get everything done.
This is a great place to really focus!
Staff are helpful and respectful. Even though I am a transfer student and have the transfer student space, I prefer the library. I come here to study almost every day and love that I can focus on my studies in this environment.
There's various places to work, areas are comfortable and quiet; there are lots of books I've used for assignments.
When I use the books on reserve, the helpers are always very friendly and personable.
I love the individual study rooms because they provide a quiet space for study. As far as resources go, I love the access to OED as well as SPSS, so that's solid. Th staff are great too!
Staff have always been helpful whether it be helping me find books or etc. I always come to the library whenever I need to study or do homework.
Several times the librarians have helped me hunt down hard-to-find articles and books for research projects. I also love having quiet study options like the third floor & study rooms.
Amy has helped me find sources for research! Also everyone was super helpful during last summer when I did my research group.
The library is an open place for me to work on assignments by myself or with others. The surplus of computers is helpful especially considering the availability of printers.
Great staff -- always helpful. Great work space and multitude of places.
The third floor is an amazing place for me to get work done. The library staff is always helpful.
"Resources: love access to printers, computers, desk help > great with helping install with SPSS.
Spaces: easy to use and reserve study rooms, great privacy."
The quiet space in the library has allowed me a nice place to work. It has also allowed me a place to come on my down time.
I absolutely *love* the space and resources the library has to offer. Especially the late hours during finals.
Having this place available now that I'm an alum has been really helpful. It's a nice clean community center, and all of the printing, photocopying, and book needs that I have are conveniently available here. It also is a very welcoming environment, and I'm always pleased with coming here.
"many resources and books.
Extremely organized.
Very quiet"
I love the set up of the three floor system. The library staff is always great with helping students on research projects and finding new helpful resources to use in the academic projects.
Being a quiet place to study, also when I was a 1st year the staff was patient in teaching me how to sue the copier.
The 3rd floor is great when I *really* need to study. I also love the larger tables -- I can spread all my books out and take up space!
The staff are incredibly helpful and approachable. Study spaces are great!
The study rooms and tables are useful.
I've always been able to get help when I needed (not waiting around for help). I don't have a printer so being able to print here is a necessity.
Working in the private rooms and the resources available at the library (tutoring, archives, writing center).
They helped me with renewing a room which was very helpful.
Library staff always has a solution for my problems either it's borrowing scissors or watching my book bag until I come back from the bathroom or helping me find a book on the 3rd level.
Great help in finding publications by PLU faculty. Always positive attitude and friendly staff.
The staff is always polite and welcoming. It seems that everyone enjoys their job. I've always received help when asked.
When I first arrived at PLU the help desk was great. The years since have proven to be the same. Always helpful and friendly in each department.
Working in IT downstairs has shown me how hard/positive the staff works here.
When checking for interlibrary loans. Also the info session.
The IT section was helpful to set up my computer, everyone is wonderful and willing to help.
They are always willing to help find any book within the library and computer managing.
I had a difficult religion class assignment and the resource specialist was awesome in helping me find sources to use.
The library staff helped me out in directing me to the right books that would help me most on my research papers.
I find the Writing Center to be a great help for my papers.
I love ILL and also how friendly the staff is.
When I first sought out counseling services at PLU, my counselor pointed me to several books on spirituality and healing. The Mortvedt library was able to provide me the materials I needed to move forward in my life. Also the librarians are always super friendly and a joy to be around.
Writing Center is great and tutoring center helps.
FINALS. I used a study room by myself for 9 hours straight. No distractions, I got an A on my test!
I appreciate the resources available, the tutoring and the long open hours.
The librarians were always helpful when I needed to find books relating to research papers. I like the tech help desk was supportive when I had computer problems (like finding my wifi connection).
I needed a book and the front desk lady totally helped me out for like 20 minutes trying to find the right book for me.
It was a really good space for me to come to between classes when I was commuting.
When I had a hard time finding a book, one of the staff went all the way to the 3rd floor to help me. The staff is *always* helpful and friendly.
The library staff is unfailingly helpful.
When I've studied for mid-terms, the library staff was very helpful.
One time I asked a library staff member at the front desk a question, and after I received the answer I decided to brag a bit and show them a poster I had just made and was excited about. The staff member got really excited too, and expressed how much they liked the poster. This made me even more excited to put them up, and made me proud.
One time one of the ladies asked it I was cold.
I like that there are computers equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite.
The library's JSTOR account, having Economist and Time magazine subscriptions have been useful.
I can't think of a time, the books have helped me with papers so many time. The front desk is always helpful, and the printers and scanner make papers for classes much easier.
The staff have been very helpful in making sure students know how and what to research for assignments.
During my freshman year staff at the library helped me and had a positive impact on how I write essays and search for information.
Great collection of books on religion, economics, and political resources--many selections pertinent to socail justice, diversity, and sustainability.
Whenever I have needed help the staff has always helped me.
I like the amount of space, computers always available, staff is helpful. I like that there is a quiet area and study rooms.
The library staff have been great in helping me with finding articles related to my capstone project. As a biology major it's hard to find information pertaining to a specific topic we have to research.
The study rooms have helped me significantly in studying, I enjoy having a place to study where I can safely leave things like me backpack.
I was having trouble finding sources for a paper and the librarians were very informed and helpful.
I love the third floor atmosphere.
Everyone is super nice, helpful and kind.
I appreciate the availability of study rooms, and interlibrary loan has also been helpful!
Having a designated quiet space on the third floor helps me stay focused.
Study rooms with white boards for anatomy. Most of the time it is quiet and has lots of space to spread out.
I've always like having the study spaces to calm down and be alone. They are great! :)
I have enjoyed the study rooms available. I've used them as a quiet place to study or collaborate on a project with friends. I appreciate the white boards in them as well.
I spend all of my study time in the library because of the quiet environment, the resources, and the staff.
I feel more focused at the library. I've used IT for renting equipment. Very useful service :)
The library has always had a nice selection of books and resources, and the library staff never hesitate to help me out when I was looking for something.
During dead week they provide us with cookies and coffee. Good study environment and always quiet where it is suppose to be quiet.
The study rooms and second floor study spaces were amazing to me as a commuter student.
The study rooms have always been available and helpful for projects and finals.
The staff has been really helpful. I have used the help desk quite a bit especially when my computer crashed. The staff is very friendly.
Awesome staff! *So* helpful with research questions and resources. Archives rule! I also am *so* thankful to have the design lab and Adobe Creative Cloud for FREE.
When in a rush for prints the staff got me a print card really quickly and I still made it to class on time.
Provided me with articles as well as other sources to help me do well in classes.
I work here so they've been mentors! When QASU needed a video the librarians were AMAZING!
I love the librarians! They're so helpful when I have questions on books and research.
I like the online library help, and the library section on second floor.
They have been very helpful and there is always someone to help me with computers, etc. when needed.
I commuted to school freshman year and the library gave me a pace to go between classes.
Well to be honest I don't attend school here, but I must say the librarian staff was amazingly nice and very, very helpful to me and I thank them so, so much. Thy helped me more than a few times.
The staff is always open and helpful. The hours it is open are helpful as well. 
Whenever professors require us to use the library the staff is very helpful.
They helped with accessing the library resources.
Library staff helped me find the books I needed and quiet spots in the library help me study.
The library staff has always been super helpful. They are always willing to help me find resources and books. I seem to always be at a loss as to where things are, I I know where to find help.
They are always friendly and helpful. They're a fun group of folks!
24/7 chat is a life saver. Cheerful, approachable, like one big happy family. I always know I can count on the library to help me find whatever I need for school or fun.
Great staff.
The library staff is very accommodating and helpful. I love the space for quiet reading.
Being able to study in a quiet environment. Being able to print class materials. The staff is always able to answer my questions.
It's a comfortable place to study here, everything is great.
The librarians who've come to some of my classes to offer help, resources for whatever topic we're researching (like my history and religion classes). This past summer when I was doing my Mayer fellowship I found so many great sources, and learning how ILL works was invaluable.
Good use for single and group studying.
I work at the Help Desk and the staff there has always been great and help answer any questions I have.
I love the staff.
Library staff have been very helpful in helping me utilize all the resources the library has to offer. They are always efficiently helpful and professional. I appreciate them very much.
Library is spacious and quiet. I always have a place to work. Lots of computers to use for printing.
The library has been great with helping me find research materials for classes. They're also super helpful with finding sources here at PLU.
Helped to find books for research papers. Articles available through interlibrary and through the databases are *so* helpful!
I like being able to find a quiet place here to do work; I find myself being very productive here.
I use the library when I need to really get work done, it is a good place to focus. The staff is very friendly.
The study rooms are extremely helpful for me as a commuter student. The computers available also help in this regard.
I love all the study spaces in the library -- the variety of places to study is really helpful when trying to find a quiet place to study. Also-- love the librarians as they are always helpful when I am looking for books and other resources.
Helped me find the books I needed very quickly so I could spend more time on research. Also, the orientation class on the library databases was very helpful.
Staff were very helpful when I was trying to find scientific articles while writing a research paper.
Once I was looking for an article using a database. A librarian helped me narrow my search, saving me hours of searching! I am so grateful
I am new here and I appreciate the space to work with classmates on projects. The staff was helpful with finding books for a research project.
Friendly and informative.
I rely very heavily on the quiet space and computers that Mortvedt offers. The staff is always so wonderful. I don't know what I'd do without the Mortvedt Library.
When writing and working on my online career portfolio staff too their time to sit and walk me through the website. They also provided direct contacts and availability in case I had questions later.
The single desks on the 3rd floor always helps and the Help Desk is awesome.
I was having trouble logging into a computer. The help desk helped me with out me even asking.
They always are able to provide help with research.
They are immensely helpful in locating research sources for papers.
A great, quiet place to work (esp. when living areas are distracting). Served as a great resource for printing, books, computers.
The library staff has helped me to do better research and find materials that improved my writing and projects.
Most of the librarians are super nice and friendly and have helped me find sources for history papers.
Unconditional help an advice. Really friendly. Study rooms are very helpful.
The library provided a safe, comforting place for me to study.
Great resources, especially when I have needed a quiet space.
The library staff has always been kind and helpful resources! Online and in-person they are welcoming and make college easier.
Last year I had to write an extremely long research paper on a topic I was passionate about but had a hard time finding references. The staff helped me find more that I needed.
Since I'm a commuter I spend most of my time in the library. The table near the archives room is where I do most of my studying.
I couldn't find a book and a staff member helped me find it.
The library is always a nice quiet place to work and the staff are always helpful when I need it.
I like being able to check out a room to study in., I study better!
Great. I've had guest speakers here help me and a bible session too. Also research paper help.
Everyone is very kind and considerate! Staff is very approachable.
The library staff is always very helpful with helping with finding resources for research.
I always come here to study when I need t focus. It's also the perfect pace to meet for group projects or study groups.
It's been awesome being able to get study rooms.
All the front desk workers are always positive and happy.
Helpful staff. Friendly greetings.