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Library Snapshot Day 2017: Be Better - Full-Text Responses

Snapshot Day took place on April 3, 2017. It was combined with a celebration of Mortvedt Library's 50th anniversary.

Full-Text Responses

Here are the full-text responses to the survey prompt, "How could the Library be better? or How can the Library meet your needs?"

More funding. Library should be open 24 hours and to renovate.
More outlets at the tables would be nice.
I wish there were more private study rooms. The third floor is cold!! I hope someone can fix it.
I would be helpful if the library was open later
More charging stations, comfortable single person study areas, and increase the temperature in top 2 floors
The library can be too hot on the first floor.
A bathroom on the first floor! (pipe dream?)
More natural light!
outlets availability
Bathrooms on the 1st floor! Not accessible to have them on 2nd floor.
I think y'all should have a bigger DVD section.
More computers on 2nd & 3rd floors, and more variety in desks/spaces on 3rd floor. Plus bathrooms on every floor; make sure everything is *accessible.*
It would be nice to have wireless remotes available to check out to be able to click through presentations.
The study rooms should be bigger and more. Also have computers on other floors -- they get packed at most times.
More computers. More comfortable chairs for reading/relaxing
More white boards and markers!
New cubicles would be nice, more white boards.
Be open later if possible.
First floor bathroom.
Too warm on the 1st floor, especially the design lab.
The chairs need to be more comfortable. More plugs, more lighting at individual desks.
MORE white boards! bigger cubicles.
More locations to connect a computer to a bigger screen for group porjects.
Interlibrary loan takes too long
Better furniture!
more computers
More computer availability.
Nothing needs to be changed except for more printers or computers maybe.
Better lighting in come private study rooms.
Could you have a copy of each textbook used that term for emergencies and stuff?
More info on sessions/things occurring in the library.
Upgrading of mechanical systems and a complete remodel.
Sometimes the bottom floor is noisy, but that's not a huge deal.
Better couches. Put outlets in tables or by tables.
IT. Response of (illegible, emails?). Charging outlets at more seats.
First floor bathroom access? Everything else is very nice.
24 hours would be awesome!
If there is more staff available to help with research related questions.
I would like to see more rooms for use for studying.
The library could be better maybe if there was a coffee shop so that we didn't have to go to the UC to get something.
I think the library could have a better heating system on the upper floors (they are *very* cold in comparison to the 1st floor).
I think advertising ILL as a resource could help more students take advantage of it earlier or in their academic careers.
I believe it does an excellent job in providing resources and opportunity and access. No change for me!
More stability in searches when not physically in the library. Times where I cannot search from home.
Use airprint - directly print from student laptop. Need more rooms for group study.
Th library needs the administration to allocate more resources to it.
Nothing really -- keep up the good work. I really appreciate the staff and facility as a study/public space.
You're good. I have no problems.
It's good! I like it.
There have been times when I feel the library could be better heated. Especially on the upper floors.
It's pretty great.
Comfy chairs!
More snacks! or activities.
An (illegible) e-book library for ease of access while not on campus or if physical book is checked out.
I think it's great already.
More comfy seating
Bathroom bottom floor.
I'd like more group space, potentially more snacks and accepting card for printing.
It fills my needs how it currently is.
More electrical outlets.
Perhaps some more open-lab style computers on second floor.
New furniture or a lighter facelift could be nice. My biggest want/need would be outlet access fo the big tables in the middle of the second floor. I love those tables but they need outlets!
I wish we could utilize the basement for studying.
More outlets; more windows, movable furniture, better chairs
I like the library is cool as it is!
More comfy places to sit!
More air flow please.
Updated furniture.
A cafe in the library would be nice! And more study rooms (for groups).
More outlets for my chargers.
The library would be better if tables had more access power outlets. More table space would also be nice.
More outlets, more areas like the bean bag area on the second floor, and coffee/snack stand.
More Funding! Research is important. More journal access!!! More books/resources!
"Longer/later hours on the weekend.
Smaller tables for fewer people (to avoid one or two peope taking up a 6-8 seat table -- especially on the 2nd floor)."
Better lighting, like softer. More plugs in the tables.
If the library had coffee available in the library at all times that would be amazing.
"More comfortable spaces (would love booths!). 
More 24/7 hours towards finals."
The library could be bettter or meet my needs more by helping me find what I need for essays.
Having coffee available for sale in the library would just be amazing.
The library is always wonderful during dead week when it is 24 hours. I know that this is due to budget and staffing, but it is difficult to leave at 1 am of at 8 pm on the weekends.
Not closing so early on Fridays.
Bathroom on the first floor!!!
Better stack labeling i.e. subject labels.
I wish there were more outlets to plug computers into.
More up to date reading and research materials.
Better hours on Friday and Saturday if possible.
The library could be better if they had more computers and had the paying of PLU printing at the Help Desk and not at the UC.
Meets my needs currently.
Not sure!
So far so good
Outlets are a big trouble. Consider adding more.
More outlets, desks where outlets are.
It can be very cold in the study rooms. It would be nice if temps could be warmer.
It could include a public binder with the # of the books in each floor and area.
I like it the way it is!
Possibly have an easier way to access online resources from off-campus.
The library supplies many books that I have used in reports.
Better furniture.
I would like to see more integration of natural elements (light, sound, plants, water, etc.) into the library in order to form a more harmonious study environment. Right now it feels too sterile.
I think the library is already great!
Quieter 3rd floor.
Free printing!!!
There could be areas with smaller, isolated spaces (besides the study rooms) where focusing on studying would be easier.
More computers even though it's expensive.
Seriously needs a bathroom on the 1st floor.
I think there does not need to be an improvement.
It could look better. I don't have to use library services very often, but it always functions well for me when I need services.
It's great!
Coffee!! A coffee pot and come creamer options on the 1st floor would be amazing (for sale, of course).
Warmer! A small coffee shop.
More bathrooms, especially gender inclusive.
Upgraded computers, more student meeting spaces, have academic tutoring services in a more obvious locaiton.
If it had more books then I think it would be better. There are a lot of books on religion and literature but the other subjects seem . . . almost skipped for diminished.
Making sure that people are quiet on the 3rd floor and better signs for the bathrooms.
I think the library is doing will a the moment but could make some services more known.
Restrooms on the first floor.
Improve printing efficiency. sometimes computers are lagging.
Have more couches on third floor.
Making sure students on the top floor keep the noise to a minimum while others are trying to study.
I have no suggestions at this moment.
Could be better if it had larger study rooms.
A place for students to suggest new books for library inventory.
No way, the library is perfect.
I would like more windows and casual furniture, or a coffee place!
N/A. Everything I've wanted or needed has been seen to.
More white board space.
I've always wanted a sofa or a place to lay down in private really quick. 'Have roommate issues.
I would like it if all the study rooms had white boards instead of just the largest ones that only allow large groups.
Have more staplers and hole punchers.
Hours during finals, Being able to print from my laptop to the library printers.
The resources could be made a little more accessible, although it is fairly accessible already.
Coffee stand!
More outlets -- like the ones in Reike.
Bigger rooms, more sections off quiet areas.
I think that just getting the word out about what additional services are available.
It is a little too warm in the building, that's all I can say.
Have bathrooms on the main floor. Have an exit towards the back toward the street.
More tables and chairs on the first floor.
1st floor bathrooms! More journals!
I wish we didn't have to pay for printing.
I would love to have access to more stuff from early modern England.
Maybe having more comfortable spaces to study.
The library could be open later on Fridays.
I must say the needs are very well met. Thanks ladies you're awesome.
Expanded use of interlibrary loan and how-to courses would be useful. Amore modern system and space would be useful.
More computers on the higher level floors.
Be able to check out references for a shote time rather than have to scan/print.
Furniture upgrade. More visibility/promotion/support.
Get the color copier fixed and the color scanner!!!!!
Nice furniture and better lights.
Possibly more outlets.
I can't think of anything.
It will be better if it's 24 hours all day.
If possible, somehow keep the Keithly Middle school kids out of the 3rd floor. They are loud, rude, and very inappropriate. But I realize ti's hard to monitor that sort of thing.
More resources? Bigger tutor room!
Improve outside lighting, more outlets.
I need standing desks and outlets. Vitamin D lights.
The library could have more outlets and the process for reserving a study room could be simpler (maybe reserve in person, not just online).
I think it is fine how it is.
I think a 24/7 service for students would be helpful all year.
More online journal articles full text. More charging outlets (sorry to be repetitive!).
More windows? Can't think of a whole lot.
Not sure, I really enjoy it as it is! Maybe more table space on the first floor (individual tables).
More electrical outlets available on the second floor would be great.
More renewal times and/or longer check out periods. Often I need books for a long time as essays I write occur over the course of the semester.
Quite a few of the study rooms on the 3rd floor do not have functional equipment. That could be worked on.
I would like to see group study rooms improved.
Warmer atmosphere.
More access to online resources and student computers upstairs.
Furniture. Electrical outlets.
It would be nice if there were more spots to study with outlets/place to charge computers and phones.
Being more versatile on the printing availability. I should be able to use whichever method of payment for my card - print card.
More outlets.
I love the bean bags on the 2nd floor.
The library could be better by having more hours being open.
More study rooms/group spaces. Would be nice to have a coffee place here.
More private rooms -- they are often fill very quickly, esp. near the end of the semester (but I recognize this is expensive and the library doesn't get much funding :(
It would be nice to have updated programs in the design lab.
I think it's good!
Longer hours on the weekends instead of weekdays.
I believe the library already does a good job providing a place to work.
A larger online selection for Computer Science topics.
I don't quite know, but the new furniture options are a plus!
Improved security on 3rd floor. Computers on all floors.
I love it just the way it is!
Better printers would be nice.
A bathroom on the first floor would be nice.
I am not sure.
It's great.
Longer hours would be nice!
Opening a market (like Kelly Cafe) on the main floor of the library.
Provide more silent spaces and be open later on the weekends. Sound proof the study rooms.
Open later.
Open later.
Office supplies more available and in good condition (the stapler never works right for me).