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Library Snapshot Day 2013: Appreciations -- all responses

Appreciations about Library Services and Staff

In response to our survey, patrons noted these appreciations about Library Services and our staff.

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Responses - "What do you like about the library experience?"

Resources and staff are readily available and willing to help. I feel everyone is polite and i can always find the things i need when i need them.
I like that the first floor is social and active, and that there are quiet spaces too. I love the shelves and shelves of books and the big computer lab. The DVDs are a huge bonus, too! I'm also very happy about the children's literature collection (I'm an Ed. major, so I would be!).

Mainly, the library is a great change of scene for me when I want to study or just be out of my room for awhile. It's cozy, it's quiet, but there's also other humans there and sometimes it hums with activity. I get to work there (in tech support) and it's really the best part of my day!
I work here, so I don't really count; I think it seems friendly.
I enjoy working with the staff, they are very helpful and welsoming. The division of levels is great, one does not feel limited to work in one specific area.
The workers are SO helpful.  I've never felt like an inconvenience asking a question, and they are so knowledgeable!
The staff is very helpful! Also, I can choose what level of 'quiet' I would like to be in based on the library floors.
I really like the librarians. They are very helpful.
I like that the library is always a very friendly place that I know would provide me the help if I were to seek it. I have always managed to find what I'm looking for with ease, and have received the guidance and/or assistance necessary when I've been stuck. I think the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming to new users.
the customer service of all staff
The library is somewhere I know I can get my work done and is very helpful environment to have. The only thing is wanting to go to the library at night and not feeling safe to walk back to my dorm on lower campus. By the time I am finish studying the UC is locked and the only path is down the hill. Besides that I love the library being available!
it is a nice place to work, silent
love that each floor has a particular noise level and that staff (circ desk and help desk) are super awesome
its a great place to sit down and gt things done in peace
rapidly improving web presence
so much information! Great place to study
the late hours, study rooms
I like the new comfy chairs with attached tables on 1st floor.
Overall, the environment is very academic and inspirational. I really enjoy studying here.
I love the rooms we can reserve. I love the quiet floors.
computers that are available/ printer set ups
how quiet it is on the 3rd floor
the library is organized well and contains a lot of good resources
the librarians are really helpful
good movie selection
the quiet
i love that i can study with out distractions and the different levels of noise going up :)
i like how I can come and find resources I need.
I can print and order books from other places.
the research help person that is always extremely helpful and friendly
interlibrary loan!
i like how friendly/helpful everyone is here
very customer oriented
i like that its open early, before my first class to get more study time in or to print off things I need
the great variety of movies and selection
lots of computers
great movie selection
it is great! We have awesome librarians!
i love being here when I have homework. I get more done when I am in the library.
the study rooms!
I like the friendly and helpful staff.
ILL loans are fast.
Great selection of DVDs
It's a great place to get help for papers, everybody is so helpful
lots of places to sit and study, quiet
love the multipurpose tv screen by the vending machine.
Being able to share info on the screens for group work is great
It is quiet the majority of the time.
Staff is friendly and helpful.
the helpful staff
3 levels for quietness choice
there is always someone who can answer my questions, big or small
i like the support of the librarians and the quiet study atmosphere
i like that everything always works well and that everyone here is helpful
great study environment
love the kitchenette
the three floor having different noise levels
I like that we can stay here until 1 am if we really need to. I also like the included services: movie rentals, renting study rooms, etc.
I like the fact that there are three levels in which you can search for information.
quiet levels,
lunch areas
i like that i work here, it's a good place to study too
i like that i can study in a quiet space anytime of the day
open, bright, comfortable environment
It has lots of resources and good places to study in groups or alone and anywhere in between.
i like that quiet zones and study spaces
there are always books on the topics I need.
the nice and helpful people
separate floors for different study experiences
you offer study rooms and 3rd floor quiet choice
group area to gather to get project done
I can count on the fact that the 3rd floor is the one place that will have absolute quiet; no talking; no cell phones
excellent. very friendly service impress me a lot
I like the different environments per floor, it's helpful for different projects
I like that it has the 3 different levels of quietness. I like the large computers by the group tables. I like the large number of computers available on the first floor.
Great workers/employees
I love the way the three floors are broken up into noise levels . It is very condusive to different study habits
provides a comfortable work enviroment
printers work 99% of the time,employees show genuine concern are very helpful and knowledgeable
I love the atmosphere and that some places are private and some are open
The staff
That the floors are different volume levels,and that there are lots of computers
I can always get the privacy I need to get what i need ,done!
I love it!
It has computers and a vending machine /microwave. I essesntually live here when not in class
access to sources /computers
Love,love,love the printer system
i love knowing that I can always have a computer to work on and able to print last minute
A where i can study and get class related work done
I love how helpful the librarians are. They are always willing to help with research and assignments in whatever way they can. The circulation desk staff is very friendly and are a great resource for how to use different library resources.
all people here is kindy
Quiet areas available. There are so many machines available for use!
people are very friendly and willing to help
the people are so nice and always ready to help
quiet helpful! thanks for the printing, motivating too!
all the employees are very helpful.
Great collection of resources both physical and online
there are so many resources available and the environment is a good working environment
study room availability
I can always find a computer to use and it usually is the same one!
being able to have a quiet place to study/use a computer and printers.
easy to use
the online resources are really helpful mainly jstar and similar systems
the workers are very nice
for me it is a place where i can study and have questions answered
the librarians are so helpful and lovely people. nice place for eye candy b/c reading is sexy
the staff is super helpful!
that it is not my house ( allows me to study)
How easy it is to access sources, even if they come from other libraries
the people in the library are very helpful!
quiet isolated enough for me, lots of books to read
that it has quiet zones
the helpfullness of everyone here. I can't say thankyou enough you have all assisted me tremendously over the years!
helpful and reliable
i have used the assistance of the librarians a great deal. Their knowledge is invaluable and always available
the study rooms
when you need help you get it and the staff is always really nice
i like the 3 levels
its always open and available suits student needs
it can be very quiet and calming also the librarians offer the help
3rd floor is very quiet and is a great place to study
its a quiet place to study
the different levels of quietness makes a perfect sport for everyone!
I  love the staff they are the absolute best!
good service and friendly people ( especially Amy!)
lots of space to study
I love working here, it's a great place to work!
good atmosphere to study
the service
I like that the library staff are nice, that there are free computers to use, that there is coffee and donuts during finals; the hours. Thank you!
It has always been a good experience for me though I attend a different university
we love the clean environment
different floors with different levels of talking. and I think the librarians are so good! I love ILL!
it is quiet so it's easy to focus and also we have a lot of unconfusion of our system
I have always had great service at the front desk and help desk. If they can't help you they'll always find someone who can.
using internet, printing, studying in rooms
Everyone is very helpful. I like the long open hours and the study rooms.
there is a place for every type of studying
3 above words
the space feels open and inviting, staff is always helpful
there is good availability for study rooms
I can come here and study peacefully and the librarians and tech service people are extremely helpful!
3 levels, study rooms
that people are quiet on the 3rd floor and the student helpers are very helpful
length of hours
atmosphere puts me in a studying mood and I can be productive here. Friendly staff.
front desk people
I appreciate the search engines to find academic articles and the resources to create good group projects
I like the layers of the library and the volume adjustments expected on each level
friendly staff
different levels of quietness
availability of resources
in the help desk they are very willing to help out whatever you need and are very organized with cushioned sofa and private places. I can focus on my study
the people
the help desk is always helful
I like seeing and working with students
everythings very peaceful and I always find my books
3 floors, 3 levels of quiet = Awesome
I like the atmosphere
wide hours, nice space to study, internet access, good art section (my major)
I enjoy how functional it is, easy to get things done, get in, get out.
reserving study rooms, the first floor is a little more lively while the other floors are quiet. something for every study habit
good sources for a small library and good atmosphere
I do like all the resources that plu library provides for students
create a section on religion (helpful for my religion classes that I take) - need more tables!
access on campus, books, and resources
I appreciate that I can come here to study and know it is a productive space
I like the different climates on the different floors - it keeps studying in different styles/ways available
ILL is great; great selection of movies
nice people help me here
its a good place to study
VERY HELPFUL people at the front desk, help desk, and media lab
I love the library staff.
everyone is so helpful
it's quiet
it's reliable.
academic assistance, printing stations, study rooms
there are lots of nice places to study and the employees are very nice.
it's hours of operation are wonderful.
snacks during finals
research staff is friendly.
love the study rooms, quiet third floor, data bases, and books
I like that it is so quiet. I like the different size study rooms and tables.
the people
The amount of books and resources that are available and the number of hours that they are open.
It is a good place for me to get away and find a quiet place.
quiet areas promote focus. getting lost on the third floor.
quiet third floor is amazing, beautiful desk workers.
relaxed atmosphere, nice people, books.
the writing center, the iMac's, headphones are nice features.
I like using computers here, lots of helpful people/ resources
Books are great. Having a place to study is fab. I like the help desk, that is rad. There just needs to be more places to put caffeine into my body here.
There is always someone willing to help out find a book or resource. Everyone is really friendly and the environment is ideal for focused studying.