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Library Snapshot Day 2013: Suggestions -- all responses

Responses - "What suggestions do you have for improvements or changes to current library services, spaces & resources?"

Making the Computer lab downstairs a more "quiet space". People are always talking on their phones or chatting with each other loudly which makes it hard to focus when writing a paper. I understand that people need to converse but it would be helpful if it was quieter.
I would move the absolute quiet areas (like third floor) away from the stacks—I always feel guilty if I'm searching for a theology book up there, like my very footsteps are too loud. While I can't study in absolute silence, I think my friends who do might feel the same way about patrons bumbling about looking for books.
Spaces need updating and modernizing; replace most or all of the artwork on the walls
Continue to do what you do, I think that you guys are running a great system.
It would be nice to see a little more color.  The library is great, but when you're in here for hours at a time, it can be a bit maddening to see so much brown.
We need new books! Especially those in the sciences; most of the science books are from the 80s or 90s, so they are only slightly relevant to today. Also, there are not really enough computers on the first floor during really busy times.
As a musician I would love to see more modern works as well as some more books on alternate religions.
Adding a restroom to the first floor would create more access to guests in the building. I think there is currently great resources to help us find what books we are looking and the people who work here are always very helpful. More comfortable chairs available for students reading would be fantastic--besides a bean bag on the second floor and a few places that are publicly located, there really aren't too many spots for privacy, comfort and silence to do academic or personal reading.
Updating the lobby area.
Install food cart/espresso again
new furniture and carpet. fresh paint
I like that the second floor is not too loud and not too quiet, just a suggestion would be signs reminding people to keep their voices to a retain level. I do not know if it is possible but having a bathroom on the first floor or having a sign where it is located.
could be more colors
create more individual space for second floor (obviously it would be hard for first floor) and have more computers available on second and third floor for those who need a quiet space
organization of books on second floor is kind of confusing
new carpet
More online resource as well as texts
open earlier!
more natural light on 1st floor and 3rd floor. More chairs with attached tables.
Continuously offering interlibrary loan; adjust the alarm security system- they go off too often and distract people; make the library available during long, 3-day weekends as well
I wish the first floor by the computers was quieter
better outlet location
more windows
more computer rooms on 3rd floor
more computers might be nice
more opportunities/space for reading for leisure
less confusing shelving system
cheaper printing
no talking on cell phones on 1st floor, it gets frustrating
whatever you can do to enforce the 3rd floor being silent
more comfortable study areas on 3rd floor (besides study rooms, which have to be rented)
more printers
connection issues with epass
maybe it could open at 6:30 am
more tables in food area, space fills up fast around 11
I would like there to be more windows and natural light
printing from laptops
bathrooms on 1st floor
newer and more tables
new chairs and renovation
coffee stand
24 hour weekends, would really help students with busy weekends
it would be great if there are computers for public use on the second/third floor. It gets really noisy downstairs sometimes
extend the library hours
increased library time during finals/dead week.
more study rooms for 4 person groups
another place to get coffee, drinks, snacks
should have at least more than one copy of each book so multiple students can check them out for class
the computes on the left hand side of the help desk are slow. Anyway to make them faster.
Talking on cell phones allowed
make more research resources available
more plugs available for laptops and devices
more study areas
the public libraries done have the magazines PLU thinks they do, so more general magazines of all kinds would be appreciated
none came to mind - i love the library
more online journal articles available full text
wireless printing
more outlets at tables
more magazine selection
more individual study areas/areas more separate from other people
stressing more that it should be a quiet environment, especially on the 2nd floor. Some people are very inconsiderate when others are studying
Free copies please and thank you.
more computers,
I always have 4 cents left on my copy cards that goes to waste, I would like a system that adds to the copy card
less hot on the third floor
no talking on second floor
more outlet access from all seating areas
it would like to see the library get better furniture and a little remodeling.  More study rooms that can accomodate more people.  Better implementation of quiet areas and longer weekend hours.
more computers
i think the study rooms should have computers to use
more quite down stairs (1st floor)
a few computers on 2nd and 3rd floor, so it is quiet yet you can work on the computers
more subscriptions to medical journals would be helpful for broadening research for nursing students
wireless coverage
I wish the library was open more
later on Fridays would be nice
Better water fountains, they all have bad water flow and don't taste good. More comfortable seating would be nice but isn't necessary.
update furniture
it would be nice to have more comfortable chairs like the ones in the lobby for the second and third floors.
add more printers
install head lam[s at the individual desks on the 2nd and 3rd floor
more tables closer to outlets, some outlets are nowhere neat tables
More Candy and better study rooms
I think the hours need to be improves ,especially near finals week( example: i think the library closes at 10 and it should close at 12-1am)
more study rooms featuring computers/ modem- it influences room choice
current magazine for people of color
can all of the computers get the adobe professional suite?That would be good...I totally get why not.
people at desk know more about a variety of things to better help students
it would be AWESOME if you could out some if the common text books in the resource section... sometimes I work ahead on online homework but forget my book at home.
to add some coffee machines, drip coffee or coffee court late at night.
open the library 24hrs( keep open at least 1 am on fridays and saturdays)
More outlets! It would be great to have more natural light, especially on the second and third floor. It would also be nice if we could get more comfortable seating throughout the library.
is there any possibility to open earlier?
wifi- no wifi for guests that is easily have to know about to use the wifi.Not very user friendly.
I usually only use the library for printing
the restroom is way to small and is only 1 and is way to small we need one on first floor. good job for the services
none at the moment
adding to the music scores section
later hours on Friday and Saturday nights
i wish when i saved my work it would save to my user name so that i could access it on any computer
interior is dated could use some sprucing up
get some more plays especially recent
the building is outdated however i approve of the services and resources
The one thing I will like to the library to add is one restroom on the first floor.
snacks,study rooms,more friendly( less white more color) library club activities speakers open 24/7?
perhaps having snacks during finals week
quiet lights ( noise) more cheery colors, the chairs on the 2nd and 3rd floors are really uncomfortable on the neck and back( bad alignment of body)
inconsistently with the computer lab people being in or out with the sign
more computers
maybe have more audiobooks
i think the only issue i ever had was with the online hours being up to date. I have not looked in a while so it might be fixed.
offer more genres of novels and be open longer on Friday and Saturday
not many areas i would change perhaps more computers
more space in study rooms
i like it the way it is
library service is very pleasant and helpful
more computers help!
just always have a smile:)
longer reserve times for group rooms
the only suggestion i have is to make more study rooms because the fill up fast
nothing.I always use the 2floor and its perfect :)
Paint some new colors! Bright and happy!
more candy more outlets more movies more books
more outlets
more outlets
more variety of books and magazines
it is really warm in here and I want to fall asleep! can we make it a little cooler on the top floors?
more computers
at this point I have no suggestions, the library is a source of comfort
more study rooms available with large group computer
extended hours
I think the hours could be longer on weeknights
I think we should have people to help some who no know know how to find books upstairs
study rooms are reserved on the hour 11:00-12:00 or 2:00-3:00 the rooms are only held for 15 min. class gets out at 12:20! I've lost my study room more than once because reservation hours don't match class hours.
allow for holds on DVDs. Get more classes in here to find out about services provided.
I think the library needs improvements. It has a very outdated look. I feel as though it is very important and resourceful but needs to be renovated.
ability to print from personal laptops, more outlets
updated furniture and innovative group study areas- perhaps a common "hangout" area?
more current art!
more computers in private study rooms
more computers, more outlets
weekend hours- earlier
longer hours on friday and sat night, update software versions, make clear group versus quiet study areas (colors or something)
more computers be able to print with debit or cash
more printer space is always nice
24 hours, open late fri/sat nights
more benefits for printing double sided- maybe a couple cents less?
more outlets
wifi connection needs improvement
new furniture
I love my library and the services here! Maybe be able to reserve longer study room times!
more outlets, more relaxed seating, remodeling
have people walking around who can help us!
open 24 hours would be GREAT
layout of stacks, more study rooms
better air quality, especially on the 1st floor, let the library air out. It gets muggy.
make library a "cooler" place to hang out!
upgrade search engines to be more
too warm in the library, and update database system to make more modern
from my experience there is a lot of resources available for research but I had to figure it out on my own- more information signs!
computers in individual study rooms; more comfortable seating areas; later hours; more free printing; more magazines (science, religion, education)
a lot of space seems old and outdated - fix the lighting and old furniture
24 hour library and more copy points
fix the lights that flicker!!! also electrical shock to anyone who doesn't stop talking on the 3rd floor
increased opening hours during dead week/exams
update the building/decor. students spend hours here - it should be a fresh and inspiring environment
I think the center out in the lobby could be better utilized. Also, a library pet or aquarium would be great.
add more ethernet connections
lights that work. more outlets
the flickering lights on the second floor really bug me.
updates on aesthetics of the building. (update the carpet, furniture, etc)
enforsement of the no talking locations. it is really rude and obnoxious when people are very loud on the third floor.
more tables near outlets/extension cords
there needs to be popular current literature section where fun books can be found.
study room rules, back to the old ways
- new, colder drinking foutains
open 24/7
stair art. improve the wireless internet.
better locations for tables in plug ins. maybe better technology help. move some computers to quieter floor.
I wish I could reserve the study rooms for more than 2 hours a day.
This library is needs to be updated since it hasn't been changed in years.
more music study rooms (study rooms near the music section)
update art books and have more outlets.
remodel basement? new frotn desk and some new furniture
stay open a little later on weekend nights.
fix the mac's please and know that people are unable to log in.
better internet/ wireless, especially on the third floor
Hot water. Whenever, so that I can fuel myself on those downward spirals into capstone oblivion. Also more places to sleep.
That there are more available outlets or cords to charge laptops on every floor, especially the third floor where most people are writing papers. Update the furniture and look of the library. Put in a sink on the first floor in the Haley centre that students can use to get water to make tea or fill up water bottles.