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Library Snapshot Day 2013: Snapshot of the Day

Library Website


visitors accessed the PLU Library website on April 17

Door Count


patrons and visitors came through the front door of the PLU Library on April 17

Find it Guides


number of subject or course guides viewed on April 17

Check Outs


Items were checked out of the PLU Library on April 17

Interlibrary Loans


Items where ordered, delivered electronically, and received and made ready for patron pick up on April 17

Reference Questions


Reference (research) questions were answered by librarians on April 17

Here's a few sample quesitons:

Ask-a-Librarian (chat):

Chat Transcript: I'm trying to find peer reviewed articles, journals, and or chapters in books about witch hunts. Any help on how to do this?

In person:

Q: Patron wants books and articles on the role of women in ancient Israel, in society rather than family

Q: Student needed help finding full text after doing an ATLA search

Library Building Open


hours on April 17

Events & Classes

On April 17

Librarian Genevieve Williams taught 10 students in an information literacy class for a WRIT 101 focused on graphic novels Maus and American Born Chinese.
Archivist Kerstin Ringdahl taught a class on PLU history to new PLU employees.

Snapshot Day 2013!

snapshot day 2013 sign

Survey - Words that Describe Mortvedt Library

word cloud

April 17, 2013 in Pictures

2013 Library Snapshot Day

Survey Results - Suggestions

We collected surveys from over 190 people and here's a short list of the most often suggestioned items:

38 about wireless printing, wifi connection & computers
"wireless printing" "printing from laptops" "add more printers" "wifi connection needs improvement" "more computers"

24 about library hours
"24 hour library and more copy points" "extend the library hours" "hours could be longer on weeknights" "weekend hours- earlier"

5 about more computers in study rooms
"More study rooms featuring computers/ modem--it influences room choice."

17 about more outlets, 16 about furniture, 18 about libray spaces/aethetics
"That there are more available outlets or cords to charge laptops on every floor, especially the third floor where most people are writing papers. Update the furniture and look of the library. Put in a sink on the first floor in the Haley centre that students can use to get water to make tea or fill up water bottles."

"Spaces need updating and modernizing; replace most or all of the artwork on the walls."

"Update furniture; it would be nice to have more comfortable chairs like the ones in the lobby for the second and third floors."

"It would be nice to see a little more color.  The library is great, but when you're in here for hours at a time, it can be a bit maddening to see so much brown."

5 about restrooms on 1st floor
"Adding a restroom to the first floor would create more access to guests in the building."

10 about lighting
"More natural light on 1st floor and 3rd floor. More chairs with attached tables."

15 about noise vs. quiet
"I like that the second floor is not too loud and not too quiet, just a suggestion would be signs reminding people to keep their voices to a retain level."

"Enforcement of the no talking locations. it is really rude and obnoxious when people are very loud on the third floor."

several other suggestions, such as:
"More opportunities/space for reading for leisure; less confusing shelving system."

"I always have 4 cents left on my copy cards that goes to waste, I would like a system that adds to the copy card."

"Study rooms are reserved on the hour 11:00-12:00 or 2:00-3:00 the rooms are only held for 15 min. class gets out at 12:20! I've lost my study room more than once because reservation hours don't match class hours."

Google Analytics of Library Website April 17

Survey Results - What Patrons Like

We collected surveys from over 190 people and here's a short list of comments about things people like about the library:

73 about staff & library services
"Resources and staff are readily available and willing to help. I feel everyone is polite and i can always find the things I need when I need them."

"I love how helpful the librarians are. They are always willing to help with research and assignments in whatever way they can. The circulation desk staff is very friendly and are a great resource for how to use different library resources."

"I love the staff they are the absolute best!"

"The workers are SO helpful.  I've never felt like an inconvenience asking a question, and they are so knowledgeable!"

44 about quiet & quiet zones
"I can count on the fact that the 3rd floor is the one place that will have absolute quiet; no talking; no cell phones."

"I love the way the three floors are broken up into noise levels . It is very condusive to different study habits."

"I like that the first floor is social and active, and that there are quiet spaces too."

"i like that i can study in a quiet space anytime of the day."

43 about the space
"Mainly, the library is a great change of scene for me when I want to study or just be out of my room for awhile. It's cozy, it's quiet, but there's also other humans there and sometimes it hums with activity."

"The division of levels is great, one does not feel limited to work in one specific area."

"I appreciate that I can come here to study and know it is a productive space."

23 about resources
"How easy it is to access sources, even if they come from other libraries."

"I appreciate the search engines to find academic articles and the resources to create good group projects."

"Great collection of resources both physical and online."

16 about computers
"I love knowing that I can always have a computer to work on and able to print last minute."

"I like the large computers by the group tables. I like the large number of computers available on the first floor."

"I can always find a computer to use and it usually is the same one!"

and several other appreciations including:
"I like that its open early, before my first class to get more study time in or to print off things I need."

" I like the long open hours and the study rooms."

"Printers work 99% of the time, employees show genuine concern are very helpful and knowledgeable."

"Great variety of movies and selection."