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Social Justice Collection

With content from HeinOnline, this guide provides access to legal and historical information regarding social justice issues, slavery, and gun legislation.

About the Collection

HeinOnline’s Civil Rights and Social Justice database brings together a diverse offering of publications covering civil rights in the United States as their legal protections and definitions are expanded to cover more and more Americans.      

Containing links to more than 500 scholarly articles*, hearings and committee prints, legislative histories on the landmark legislation, CRS and GAO reports, briefs from major Supreme Court cases, and publications from the Commission on Civil Rights, this database allows users to educate themselves on the ways our civil rights have been strengthened and expanded over time, as well as how these legal protections can go further still. A varied collection of books on many civil rights topics and a list of prominent civil rights organizations help take the research beyond HeinOnline.

Source: HeinOnline's Civil Rights and Social Justice Guide


Noteworthy Content

Documents and Reports from the Commission on Civil Rights: The Commission on Civil Rights was charged with informing the development of national civil rights policy and enhancing enforcement of federal civil rights laws. 

Reports from the Congressional Research Service: The Congressional Research Service helps Congress form sound policies based on analysis and research. 

Reports from the Government Accountability Office: The Government Accountability Office provide auditing, evaluation, and investigative services for the U.S. Congress.

Legislative Histories: Curated list of legislative histories of specific civil rights legislation.

Supreme Court Briefs: Read briefs filed in Supreme Court cases related to civil rights issues