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Social Justice Collection

With content from HeinOnline, this guide provides access to legal and historical information regarding social justice issues, slavery, and gun legislation.

How to Access

Access to this resource is provided by HeinOnline at no cost to PLU. All links in this guide will take you to a log in page where you'll be asked to "Enter you Institution's Name." Type in "Pacific Lutheran University" in the "Off-Campus/Remote Access" window and you'll asked to enter your ePass information to access this content.

All content from these collections can also be searched and located through the library's search interface. However, in order to browse these collections, you have to sign into the HeinOnline platform.

About this Collection

This collection provides access to three separate resources:

The content in each of these resources can be browsed individually through the different tabs and categories; each of which can be sorted in different ways. Additionally, each collection can be explored more deeply through the search bar at the top of the page.


NOTE: Although these collections provide links to scholarly articles, you will not be able to access many of these publications. To locate a scholarly article found in these resources, please conduct a title search in the library search interface.