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Library Snapshot Day 2016: Snapshot of the Day

Door Count


patrons and visitors came through the front door of the PLU Library on May 2; this is an undercount (one of our counters doesn't work)

Find it Guides


number of subject or course guides viewed on May 2

Check Outs


items were checked out of the PLU Library on May 2

Interlibrary Loans


items where ordered, delivered electronically, and received and made ready for patron pick up on May 2

Library Building Open

18 hours

number of hours building was open on
May 2 (7am-1am)

Study Rooms


number of study room reservations on May 2

Home Page Views


number of views of the library home page ( 
on May 2

Snapshot Day 2016!

snapshot day 2016 logo

Monday, May 2, 2016

Survey Results - Improvements

We collected surveys from 270 people. Here's a short list of patrons' most remarked suggestions and some representative quotes, for full text of all comments see this link:

30 responses - outlets
more plug-ins | that way when I am in the library for a long period I can stay the whole time as well as not having to worry what spot I will have in 
more charging places | often I need my laptop but I can't use it if it's dead for dying

25 responses - study spaces, study atmosphere
more study room access | they fill up extremely fast, especially towards finals week
more private single rooms 
more space/large study rooms | some of the study rooms are literally closets 

25 responses - research resources
get a scanner that saves to a flash drive and not email 
more journals on Ebsco | sometimes can't find what I need
extra reserved books | because it is inconvenient when numerous students are limited

22 responses - restrooms
bathroom on the 1st floor | it's just more convenient
putting a bathroom on the first floor | more convenient

22 responses - food
a coffee stand | quick easy access to caffeine would be helpful!
adding a cafe | it's difficult to go back and forth from OMM
being able to buy food | food is good for the brain

Survey Results - What Patrons find Important

We collected surveys from 270 people. Here's a short list of the most remarked things patrons identify as important to have and some representative quotes, for full text of all comments see this link:

100 responses - study space, quiet, study atmosphere
study space | I need quiet places to kind of hide and study without distraction
positive peers | if they are working and on task then I am motivated to get my work done as well
multiple places to sit | it allows for groups to talk
a quiet floor | sometimes I need a silent space

53 responses - printers, wi-fi, scanners 
more computers/printers | it can get crowded a peak times and be difficult to get things done when needed
printers | I don't have one at home and they are very necessary
printing | I don't own a printer and my classes require a lot of printing

39 responses - computers 
good computers | I often use them for stuff that my own (old!) laptop cannot do, e.g. video production
computers | I need them for homework and registration
computers | sometimes my laptop doesn't have the right tools I need

36 responses - research resources
access to journals | research, research, research
a good selection of books | most of my courses require research
access to databases | I'm a double major who draws from a variety of disciplines, so I appreciate access to a a variety of databases!



Survey results - Favorite things about the PLU library

We collected surveys from 270 people. Here's a short list of patrons' favorite things about the library and some representative quotes, for full text of all comments see this link:

110  responses - study atmosphere, quiet, quiet floors
study areas | it offers a broad band of opportunities to focus whether in large or small groups
atmosphere/resources | it quiet, relaxed and helpful
the environment | then I can focus and get things done with my best effort

40 responses - study rooms
the study rooms | I live there sometimes
study rooms | they are a good place for commuter students to focus while on campus
third floor study rooms | they have enough space for group work

40 responses - computers, printers, wi-fi, etc.
computers | it super easy to get work done without bringing my own
the printing services | it is quick, easy, and clear access to printers/copying
access to computers with the most up to date software tools (i.e. Word) | I don't have access to that on my personal laptop

37 responses - research resources
research help | awesome resources for research for class, internships, etc.
the music books | I can find all kinds of piano music
access to books | the selections are usually perfect for my assignments