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Library Snapshot Day 2016: Improvements -- all responses

Responses - "If I could make one improvement to the PLU library, it would be ________________ because __________________"

word cloud of improvements patrons would like to see

30 responses - outlets
more plug-ins | that way when I am in the library for a long period I can stay the whole time as well as not having to worry what spot I will have in the library and if I can do my work
more outlets on 2nd floor | (blank)
an increase in available outlets | almost everybody uses a laptop and it is difficult to find a spot when the library is busy
more outlets | (blank)
more outlets | (blank)
more charging places | often I need my laptop but I can't use it if it's dead for dying
more outlets and a bathroom on the first floor | sometimes it's difficult to find a place with outlets, also a hassle to to to the first floor for bathrooms
add more outlets | so many people's work requires a laptop and finding access to an outlet is very difficult when it's busy!
more outlets! | see above
more outlets and new and improved cubicles | more outlets because I need to charge more and have a hard time because a majority are used; cubicles because I'm studying there for many hours and would like to have more comfort
easier access to outlets | it hard to find places to work and charge my laptop
more outlets | my lap top is poor battery life
more outlets! | a lot of times it is hard to find open ones because everybody needs them
more outlets | it is hard to find one when needed. And maybe make the ones that are there more visible with signs
more outlets | sometimes it feels like I'm on a constant hunt for an outlet that's open
more outlets | everyone uses laptops/phones now
more access to electrical outlets and ethernet jacks | almost all homework is one on laptops now
more wall plugs | (blank)
more electrical outlets | everyone has electronics and it's hard to find enough outlets
more outlets | There are not enough near the tables on second floor
more plugs/plugs that work | laptops, etc. need to be plugged in and a lot of the plugs don't work
more couch spaces | in second and third floors with available outlets, better organization of study space
more power outlets | 
better access to outlets | many of the tables, especially on the third floor, don't have outlets anywhere near them
more plugins | not enough on the second and third floor
additional outlets for laptops | 
more outlets | everyone needs them
more power outlets |  I need a power source to charge my computer
to add more plugs | online homework
more outlets everywhere | this would make using laptops more accessible in more locations


25 responses - study spaces, study atmosphere
more study room access | they fill up extremely fast, especially towards finals week
more space | (blank)
to have better study areas | (blank)
more study rooms | (blank)
more open , comfy study carols (I love the second floor in back!) and technology | (blank)
to change the study rooms | they feel like prison cells. I like the concept, but not the execution
more private single rooms | (blank)
more space/large study rooms | some of the study rooms are literally closets
more study rooms | sometimes they fill up in the busy times
more open tables
maybe more study rooms | I never can find one to use
to have study lounges | I think it is important to have comfy environments to study and hang out in
white boards in all the study rooms | white boards are the bomb
more study rooms | they are always full
more study rooms | the ones in the dorms are always occupied
study rooms that have more natural light and windows |
better study rooms | some of them are dark or too small or are just not nice to be in. I would like them to be updated.
more study rooms | it allows you to meet with groups without disrupting others
offering more rooms | it's nice to study on the third floor in separate rooms.
more couch spaces | in second and third floors with available outlets, better organization of study space
the ability to reserve a study space for the whole semester | this would allow me to get in the mindset of studying faster
to add more common learning spaces wit white boards, flexible seating, sound abatement, displays for student work | 
more isolated computer space | it will give groups more work space
more access to the viewing room | it is helpful when in a group setting throughout the day
amount of hours for rooms | it takes longer than four hours sometimes to get it done

25 responses - research resources
get a scanner that saves to a flash drive and not email |
access to a greater variety of academic journals | (blank)
updated book selections | (blank)
access to books | they're all on the third or second
put the children's books in a less quiet area | so I don't have to worry about (my son) making too much noise
more journals on Ebsco | sometimes can't find what I need
extra reserved books | because it is inconveniet when numerous students are limited
putting actual books for class available to (illegible) | (blank)
easier label | hard to find the correspond data in quick amount of time
more books | who doesn't need more books? Actually, some subjects and time periods have scarce selection available
to add the BJL | it's good for religion students
more dictionaries | I take language classes and it would be nice to have to have good online dictionaries available so I don't have to pay, Also more spell check in different languages, e.g. "pages"
to bring books for class as a sample for what students could check out for 2 hours in the library
more books! | always helpful
longer check out time for capstone students | capstone students generally need resources long term
more books related to courses to check out | 
more current books | some of them are dated
the expansion of accessible journals | it would allow primary sources research on topics to be successful
updating books | most of the poli sci/IR books are still from the Cold War era and need some new, more relevant material
it would be great to be able to check books out over the summer for a bit longer | 
the amount of children's books available | education majors and constantly using them
more children's books | there aren't a lot and a lot are pretty old
interlibrary loan | I'd like to be able to get access to more books through this service
online hold system | it takes more steps than other library systems
modernity of books | as a history major, I find having books written in the last 20 years very helpful

22 responses - restrooms
more outlets and a bathroom on the first floor | sometimes it's difficult to find a place with outlets, also a hassle to to to the first floor for bathrooms
bathrooms on the 1st floor | (blank)
bathrooms downstairs | I have to carry everything upstairs when I have to go
bathroom on first floor! | seems practical
bathroom on 1st floor and not putting the bookstore in here | it needs one (bathroom); because the library needs its space!
bathrooms 1st floor | I have to pack up when I want/need the restroom
bathrooms on 1st floor  | (blank)
bathroom on the 1st floor | it's just more convenient
more bathrooms | (blank)
where are the bathrooms? | I dunno where they are LOL
bathroom on the 1st floor | (blank)
clear bathroom signs | first when I came here I was not sure where they were
putting a  bathroom on the first floor | more convenient
bathroom location
bathroom on first floor |
a bathroom on the first floor | I'm lazy and don't want to climb stairs.
to add a bathroom to the first floor | doing exercise to use the restroom is frustrating
bathroom on the first floor and better HVAC on third floor | it's cold on third floor
restrooms on the first floor | 
to have first floor bathrooms and signs to show where seating is and the layout of the library | it would be more convenient
making the bathrooms a little nicer | they are often not usable
to have a first floor bathroom | although I'm sure it's not possible, it would be much more convenient for many people

22 responses - food
furniture and dining dollars access for snacks | (blank)
a coffee cart | or some sort of nook style cart or more modern amenities (rooms, chairs, & tables)
make it more colorful and add a food stand, coffee
a coffee stand | quick easy access to caffeine would be helpful!
adding a cafe | it's difficult to go back and forth from OMM
a coffee cart! | I always want coffee while studying and don't want to leave then come back
have a cafe | then I could buy coffee here with out having to walk back to OMM
more candy surveys | candy
a coffee cart/dafe in the style of Kelley Cafe | waling all the way to OMM on a late night means you have to pack up all your stuff
being able to buy food | food is good for the brain
access for coffee | it keeps me awake so I can concentrate better
add a coffee stand | everyone would use it--we need coffee and snacks
ability to use lute cards in vending machines |
a coffee stand | I don't like packing up and leaving just for a cup of joe
add a cafe! | I would love to be able to quickly get food or coffee when studying
food here | UC is sometimes too far away when I'm in a time crunch
possibly a coffee stand | 
having a cafe | food makes studying easier
to have a snack or coffee cart | sometimes I want to stay for multiple hours but leave to go to the OMM
free food | I get hungry when studying
longer DVD rentals | a few days isn't enough
add a coffee shop | It will provide caffeine to my life

19 responses - decor
better furniture | remodel; better carpet, better air filter on third floor
make it more colorful and add a food stand, coffee
environment | it feels antiquated and is not that positive an environment to work in. Lighting, art, and furnishing is terrible
update facility or interior | it's hard to work in an environment that feels cold/dark
the lighting and heat | the lighting is awful and it is too hot
environment | lighting, comfort
aesthetically | the chairs and decor look outdate
more windows | (blank)
renovate/aesthetic improvements | I think a nice (blank)
modernizing | overall ease of use upgrades make life easier
a better, more pastel color palette | more soothing
remodel the first for learners, don't sell junk! |
Bigger study rooms | they're a bit cramped
a more organized/updated system | the building needs renovation, more light and windows in some areas, plus it is hard to find some things because of the layout
more windows | natural light is the best
more tables | It is nice to have places for groups to work
more tables on the first floor | First floor is a good place to meet with groups and there are limited tables to sit at
remodeling | there are not enough
renovated building | 

18 responses - furniture
nice computer chairs | there are a lot of broken ones
the seating | the chair aren't the most comfortable for sitting in for extended amount of time
better furniture | remodel; better carpet, better air filter on third floor
comfier chairs | the ones now are old and uncomfortable
chairs | they should be more comfy
more tables on the first floor | they can fill up fast
more the third couches | comfort is important
furniture and dining dollars access for snacks | (blank)
new furniture | it is old
chairs that don't screech when they move across the floor | yikes!
more comfy chairs | sometimes I'd prefer a nice comfy chair for reading
update furniture | the study rooms upstairs have very weird furniture, tables roll around a lot and chairs are uncomforatble
more tables | at night almost every table is taken up on first and second floor
the furniture | it'll make the library more modern
updated furniture | some of the tables and chairs are falling apart and are uncomfortable
new chairs | uncomfortable
cozier lounge/seating | it makes reading/working more enjoyable
having a comfy couch | it would be nice to sit on to study

17 responses - computers
new keyboards | some of them are hard to type on
computers on every floor | typing an essay on the 1st floor with people talking LOUD can be distracting
more computers | (blank)
pc system | it's old/slow with some unnecessary timewasted
hours and dual monitors | as a non traditional student my hours vary / also dual monitors are very helpful in research and writing
providing laptops for check out | some students are financially unstable and might need to use a computer outside of the library
PCs in the media center | currently all Mac
computers upstairs | it would open up the amount of studying possibilities
more resources (computers, printing) | it would be great
more maintenance on computers | (blank)
more computers | sometimes have lack of access
more computers | sometimes they're all full. Or the ability to connect my macbook to the printer so I can print off my personal computer.
computers on second floor | So I can use a computer in a quiet environment
have access to public computers on third floor | It is a pain to have to walk downstairs to find a computer when I forget my laptop
computers on the second floor | it is quieter up there
desktop computers on third floor | it provides a quiet space to work and sometimes working on the computers on the main floor is a bit noisy
brand new computers and programs or update the programs like Word or other systems | 

14 responses - printing or wi-fi
free paper | I don't like paying for it, if there was a max free limit a day would be cool
better wifi | there are times when I cannot connect to the wifi
faster printers | sometimes there are long lines
a discount for printing double sided pages | (blank)
more funds added to our printing availability | due to certain courses requiring more than others
FREE PRINTING | money is always such a fleeting thing . . .
continue to improve wifi connectivity | (blank)
cheaper printing | (blank)
cheap double side printing | there is no discount for saving paper
to decrease the cost of printing | (blank)
cheaper prints  | (blank)
better wifi service |
setting up printing from my laptop to the printers | it'd be really cool and convenient
faster internet | it's sometimes slow

13 responses - hours
hours and dual monitors | as a non traditional student my hours vary / also dual monitors are very helpful in research and writing
24 hours all the time | there are nights where I really need to stay up late and this is the perfect study environment for me
nothing | last year i would have said extended hours on Friday and Saturday, but that's been changed for this year and it's awesome!
to extend the weekend hours | as a nursing student there past 4 years I have always had times on the weekend I could benefit from extended weekend hours. 8pm is too early.
stay open later | I often get 86'd at 1am when I'm still working
more hours open
opening later on the weekends | it's the only days I can stay and study late since I don't have class next day (Saturday and Friday)
to have it open 24 hours | (blank)
extend Friday and Saturday hours (at least until 10pm) | some of us study on Fridays too!
checkout after midnight | 
later hours on weekends | I prefer to do work earlier than later
service times | Some services end too early and students need later times
earlier opening hours | I often like to do work in the morning

10 responses - a/c and heating
bathroom on the first floor and better HVAC on third floor | it's cold on third floor
to warm the upper floors | it gets cold
possible air circulation in study rooms | maybe small portable fans we can check out at the front desk and plug into the study room
get air conditioners | (blank)
better heater/AC | very distracting/inconsistant for better concentration; also people need to respect reserved study rooms. I've had people refuste to leave when I've reserved a room and I have to threaten to call campus safety on them
3rd floor | too hot in the summer, to cold in the winter
to increase AC | it can get really hot in here
better roof, heating, AC | it's stuck in the past
AC in the study rooms | they become very warm very quickly with so many bodies in here
air conditioning | it's too hot! All the time!

9 responses - quiet
better enforcement of the 3rd floor silence policy | professors don't realize it and walk through talking at full volume
enforcing sound "rules" | this year many people seem to be unaware that the 2nd floor = whisper
more quiet space | sometimes conversations get really bad and distracting
enforcement of quiet on the 3rd floor | I expect to have a quiet environment up there and sometimes people don't understand it is a different environment
no talking | (blank)
level of quiet signs! |
study rooms | you can hear other groups being loud
post noise level cards |  some people aren't aware of the unspoken rules of the library
classrooms on third floor | It is often distracting when students leave class and do not respect the quietness of the third floor

8 responses - other topics
that the librarians/advisors be there late | most of my homework is late int he day
free parking! | (blank)
library based events | it would build community
friendlier | I rarely ever get a friendly hello when I walk in
cool, if it sold books
The interlibrary loan is essentially useless and not worth the work | 
get DSS greater partnership with Library Services and educate them on accommodations | 
more displays | I learn a lot from the displays that are set up