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Pacific Lutheran University

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Library Snapshot Day 2014: Appreciations -- all responses

Appreciations about Library Services and Staff

In response to our survey, patrons noted these appreciations about Library Services and our staff.

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Responses - "What do you like about the library experience?"

Appreciations: What do you like about the library experience?

How knowledgeable the librarians are.

I like that the 3rd floor expectation is silence.

I like that it's relatively quiet and that we have a good selection of books.  There's always a computer open to use for printing.

I love the natural lighting and the greenery outside the windows, as well as the quiet second floor (the 3rd floor is too creepy). I also love the friendly staff!

Availability, respect, assistance.

The PLU library has multiple easy to use ways to improve the student experience, from printing and tech repair to research help and recreational media.

There are a lot of different study spaces.

It's so friendly and open. I love being able to book study rooms and work on group stuff.

I appreciate that the library is warm, especially during the winter/spring time :) The staff are very friendly and helpful. I like that I do have at least 100 printer credits (though more would be appreciated, especially as a senior capstone student).

The hours are usually great, and the staff is wonderful.

I love that there is a research person ready to help.

The music collection! It's so much easier to find new pieces to play when I can actually have the music.


Amazingly quick ILLIAD.

Helpful, supportive and community feeling.

Friendly staff!

Friendly librarians.

Thank you for providing Internships USA!

The willingness of staff to help out.

Librarians very knowledgeable and helpful.

Writing Center centrally located.

3rd floor is quiet.

Quiet, great place to do work.

Variety of study areas and services!

It's just a great calm place to study; it's easy to focus there.

Reserving my study room!!!

The staff -- high quality & helpful.

Staff are very supportive of student learning & faculty teaching resources.

I get things done (most of the time).

The 3rd floor is very nice, and the reservation of study room are on point.

There are lots of cool books and I enjoy studying there.

Good amount of resources.

I like that everyone is so helpful.

The library staff and electronics make finding and checking materials out  SUPER EASY!

The atmosphere is quiet and perfect for late night studying.

The quiet relaxed atmosphere is ideal for "crunch time." I always get more done in the library than in my dorm.

Ease of ILL.

The staff is really helpful, and the amount of content is amazing.

It's cozy and I have good memories there.
Super friendly staff.

Nothing, I agree with Leslie Knope: "Libraries should be burned."

ARCHIVES & LIBRARIANS! Jeg er sa glad i dere!

The people at the desk are friendly.

I appreciate the interactive library site with the option to talk directly to staff.

I enjoy every bit of it.

research librarians
off-campus access to library search
single-space study areas

That it is open often.

I enjoy that we are able to have coffee and other beverages with us;
the librarians are very helpful.

have computer to do homework

Has so many different services in one building.

I appreciate the thoughtful help.

PLU's best staff hands down.

All the help I ask for I get.

I enjoy the hours and
tables available downstairs.

People are nice.

I really like the study room half-hour time slots.


Good group meeting spaces.

The staff is FANTASTIC

Always well kept, friendly atmosphere, accessible..

It's opening hours and friendly environment

The difference in each floor,
It's available.
Computer resources.

I like the peace, quiet, and the helpfulness of the library staff.

computer stations,
printing/copy points

Friendly staff
Help with IL loans
Encouraging environment for studying

Friendly people.

It's quiet and I can get work done, The 3 floors allows or a variety of conversation to quietness.


There are a lot of resources.

The super helpful librarians and desk workers.
The ease of access to worldwide information via interlibrary loan.

Very delightful.

Amy (student worker --'based on notes on the survey)

Movies (they're new!)

It's helpful.

How much information is held in one building is hard to believe!
An the faculty is always so helpful.

Everyone is helpful.

Opportunity to get away and study away from dorm room.

The staff are dedicated and very helpful with all questions. I appreciate them a lot.

How helpful and useful it is.
How many books there are.
I can almost always find what I'm looking for.

I love all the different levels -- quiet, whisper, talking -- for every type of work!
Also I love all the librarian help!

The ease of access to computers, printers,
library staff,
resources and
quiet study areas

The help desk has always helped me out whenever I'm need of assistance with computers, printers, or microfilm. Help desk is Awesome!
Always a nice place to study in peace, especially since I'm a commuter student.

It is good and everyone is friendly and willing to help.

It is a good study spot.

The people!

Dead week coffee & cookies.

The 3 levels of sound.

The amazing employees, especially iTech!

The librarians are super helpful and informative.

Lots of space to sit and do homework.

ILL lets you access books from all over.

Available literature and journals.

The people.

People are quiet, easy to study in.

Study rooms.
Excellent experts in our PLU library staff.

There's always a quiet place to go.

The late hours,
ease of printing, and
the research support,

Great environment to study!

I do focus really well in the library.
I also appreciate the different levels of noise on the different floors. it's really helpful to have.

Librarians are very sweet and helpful, it goes a long way.

All the extra space to read,
quiet corner.

I like that there are 3 specific floors that have different levels of quietness.

The librarians will go to extreme lengths to help.

3rd floor rooms

Upstairs is great for reading.

How much study space there is upstairs.

The staff is FANTASTIC!

Good work environment. The bottom floor is cozy.

Resources great!


Staff is helpful!!

That it draws me into digital processors, but also still provides a wealth of print.

Study rooms!

Different floors = different volume levels.

Very spacious,
rooms to rent available.

Place to get stuff done,
thank you for reference help.

I appreciate the various study spaces and
the resources that are offered by the library.

Love the comfy furniture with the attached desks!
Appreciate the long hours and the extended hours by staff!
Appreciate the new furniture.

How it gets quieter on each level and
a good study space.

I like how easy it is to find resources for the projects I work on.

Long hours,
lots of places to sit,

I love the study rooms and resources found within the library.

It's quiet and
many useful tools -- markers, rooms, computers -- are easily available.

I like quiet computer rooms to reserve,
easy access to computer lab and printing,
helpful staff.
I like comfy reading chairs with arm tables.

It's a place to study by yourself or with others.

The speedy check outs.

Useful resources,
awesome librarians, help when needed.

The ILL program is FANTASTIC for capstone students. Thank you! ;)

I always feel like there's somewhere I can go to study on my own or with friends, and
the tiered silence set up.

I appreciate that the library is a space where I can focus and get work done without getting distracted.

I know that If I need a quiet place to study I can always come here.

3 different noise levels,
help desk

Easy access to information and help from employees there.

The knowledge of the workers.

The introduction to the library search system.


How comfy it is.

The nice and helpful librarians.

3rd floor.

I like how it is a warm space.

3rd floor is quiet, perfect for studying.

It's open late . . .it could be open more.

Very good.

I like how head phones are free to use.

I love being able to reserve study rooms.

Interlibrary loan

You are great! Thanks for all the resources and online access.
Wonderful staff -- always willing to help.

It is a good place to study whether you're in a group or want a quiet spot.

A great place when I need to concentrate.

I like the quiet 3rd floor, louder down.

Quiet, nice place to study.

It is sooo helpful and quiet.
Staff is super sweet! :)

Easy to use
Helpful people

Most things.

I like that the hours go late, it's great.

I like that I can come here and settle in. I really like coming here.

I like that I can come here and settle in. I really like coming here.

It's a place that motivates you to get things done.

The library is an all-in-one place for me to access resources.


On most days it's open until 1am.
We can eat on the first floor.
It's not very expensive to use the printers.

I can find a computer cubicle away from computer glare.

I like computers,
study rooms, and
3rd floor.

The staff.

Interlibrary loan.


Best place to get stuff done.

Almost always find space or rooms available for reserve.

Great library, friendly staff
quality equipment

Always helpful; I can come and hole myself up when I really need to be productive

I can get almost any book.

There is a place to warm up my food.
Couches upstairs.
Generally quiet areas upstairs.

The cleanliness of the environment.

Love the study rooms! And reservation system.

The people

Study time.
Study rooms

Friendly and knowledgeable staff
ongoing and changing displays

It's a relaxing place to get schoolwork done. They have everything I need for school.

The resources available for help.
The flexible hours.

Interlibrary loan option.
DVD rentals.
New Books displayed.

The help desk is by far the best resource on campus.

Quiet, 3 floors.

It helps me focus when I need to study.

I feel like I can concentrate more here.

The library gives me most of what I need to succeed in my academic work.
The staff is very helpful and I appreciate them each time I am helped by them. Thank you.

All good. Selection works for me. I'm a bibliomaniac.

It's quiet and had helped me find what I need when I need it most.

Everyone can do their own thing.

Interlibrary loan service was excellent.

Quiet, relaxing, easy to focus
friendly staff.

The librarians are helpful and
the help desk is great

I like that the staff is always willing to help.

Everyone is very helpful
I can find everything I need here or through
interlibrary loan for  every field of research.

The staff is helpful and courteous.
Accessibility to other libraries and books.

The study rooms and
computer/internet accessibility

Calm place to study.

The space to study is nice as I am a commuter student.

3 study types/environments
Helpful staff and resources

The working environment that allows me to get work done.

There's always someone who can answer your questions.

I come here 4-5 times a week because it's  a great place to focus.

Available computers,
helpful staff.
lots of resources

extremely helpful.

It's comfortable and there are plenty of spaces to meet my large groups or work independently.

Everything that is available to me and it is peaceful atmosphere.

Most Things. I like that I have a place to come do work during the day.


Moderate quiet levels,

I like the three floors.

Lots of help from librarians.

May own space.

Librarians offer help.

Friendly service.
Good supply of books and DVDs.
Most of the time I can find what I need.

Third floor of library

Kind staff,
great books,

I can study, do research, print off work in color, and still have academic assistance help me when I need help.

Nice study environment.

I really like the study rooms.

The greenery outside the windows,
the quiet 2nd floor,
the great staff!

It provides a distraction free environment to work in.

There are three unique vibes on each floor.

The study rooms,
the copying,
music library.

There is always a quiet space for me to study.

It's been the original layout for as long as I can remember.

3 floors with different noise levels.

The floors and how they have different noise levels.

I like the awesome staff.

The amount of resources.

Quiet and comfortable place to focus and get things done.

Lots of space to work.

Always there, quiet, nice place to study & print.

I like that the library is quiet and has books.

Easy to study and focus even on "noisier" floors.

The ease of getting books.

It is easy to get what I need. There are lots of options or ways to get the books and music I need.

How it is an easy way to study in a good environment.

The candy

Friendly staff,
warm building, always has people in it.
Custodial staff does a great job.

All the students.


I like the 3rd floor.

Helpful staff.

I like the awesome workers :)

Friendly staff.

The 3rd floor is quiet.

The community feel among the library staff and help desk staff. I come here for no other reason than to see my peeps!

Helpful, cheerful staff and librarians.

Great place to work with others (besides 3rd floor).

It's the best place to study because you can focus downstairs but still get to interact with people if you want to but you can go upstairs if you need quiet.