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Library Snapshot Day 2014: Suggestions -- all responses

Responses - "Suggestions: What suggestions do you have for improvements or changes to current library services, resources, spaces, & furniture?"

More space for individual work on first or second floor

Updated furniture would be nice- some of it is looking outdated.

More comfy couches/chairs, including on the 3rd floor.

We need paper-less hand dryers in the bathrooms, more outlets, more tables and more natural light!

more chairs like those in the lobby where the desk is attached or can be pulled out of, in study rooms or locations more isolated.

Having exhibits up (such as the White Rose display) is a positive and exciting way to invigorate the library space. More structurally, more outlets (for instance by every table) and another drinking fountain or two would make it easier to settle in to a study space without traipsing everywhere.

More outlets. Letting you renew your books for a third time especially when one is doing a semester long research project.

Honestly, I like the library space a lot the way it is.
Sometimes I have issues with ILLIAD in that the request doesn't process and I have to resubmit a few times.
It also might be nice if I could submit a request for a book in the library and have it put aside for me to pick up that day.

More printer credits. Fixing the swipe on the printer so that I know how many printer credits I actually do have left.
Not sure if it is just me, but I found that I more often than not needed help with research on the weekends, but our research librarians were only around during the week.
It makes me sad that I cannot ILL movies/dvds. Thus, for class research I'm limited to what PLU has.

Maybe improve printers. They jam on my documents somewhat frequently, and they always seem to have the swipe thing down.

The only thing I can think of was the shortened J-Term hours -- sometimes I wasn't able to read all of the reserve books in time for classes.

More outlets and perhaps thinking of new ways of organizing cubicles on 3rd floor to be closer to outlets.


Faculty/staff orientation to library resources.

Increase the number of classes offered for technology services.

Make the space prettier. Roof top garden. :)

eBooks, more computers

More comfy chairs.

None that I can think of!

Maybe eating utensils downstairs, so I wouldn't have to go to the UC.

Don't know if it's possible, but maybe more outlets throughout the library and study cubes?

None specifically.

More outlets on 3rd floor -- 2-3 people tables.
Computers on the second floor.

The academic assistance need to be around an hour long.
Remove those hideious statues that are located on the 3rd floor. THEY HAVE TO GO!!!

Warmer on 2nd & 3rd floors.
More outlets on tables.

Restrooms on the first floor. ;)

Having more outlets and a water fountain or two would help keep people from running around everywhere.
There should be student input on new acquisitions.

I like it as it is! Though more outlets in certain places.

Later hours during a regular week, not just finals/dead week.

More comfortable seating, tables, & lighting.
More outlets!

More color!

More natural lighting,
more room for studying.

More plays and theater books.

Get one of those automated DVD dispensers like the county libraries. Get those great book scanners like at at UW libraries.
Study rooms need WINDOWS.
Study desks with holes for us to loop computer locks through.

I would be nice to have more tables with more outlets.

More comfortable seats on 3rd floor.

More computers used for student.

Journal reserves (Goldrush).
Coffee would be rad.
More outlets.

I like it.


add more resources / book about science

Easier to look up book.

Work on improving the printers.

A better water fountain -- cold water!

Increase the number of rooms available for studying.

We need new carpet.

I have a hard time reading fun reading books. I would like something to help me do that.

More outlets,
coffee cart,
more group tables

Longer hours on weekends.

More outlets
Brighter colors, think happy

More natural lighting

More group rooms,
a restroom on 1st floor

The only think tat is bothersome is the lighting. It is a little dark sometimes.

None come to mind. I'm being honest!

Update furniture,
more books (modern),
more eBook options

Bathroom in downstairs!!!
Open later on weekdays!




Comfy couches!
Also better lighting to study. Possibly more natural lights.

New carpeting on the 2nd floor.

More hours open. I could care less about the furniture.
But the 3rd floor cubicles are always dusty/dirty. I wish they actrually cleaned them instead of picking up the trash.

More knowledge about things prior to school year.

The doors to some study rooms are rather loud. WD40 those suckers!

More space for commuters.

More place on 1st floor to work.

More Mac computers.

I would suggest more couches -- mainly on 3rd floor. Make it more Home-y!

I think first year student should be given a tour/introduction to how to use all the services provided  by the library because it would have helped me tremendously with my research papers and familiarizing myself with the library in general.
Maybe add more computers because they fill up quick.

Cannot think of Any.

More outlets or easier access to them.

Opening up more hours on weekends.

New design lab.
More new carpeting
Matching furniture

Open later on Friday/Saturday nights.

More comfy chairs

Larger design lab!

More couches and relaxation furniture.
More computers!;)

24/7 access with PLU ID card.

Need more computers.
Team up with RHA for snack for finals.
Accessing journals can be difficult.

More double-screen stations.

I don't need the library services often, so it's difficult to say.
I know we'd all like a more modern look.

Librarians be more helpful.

Rotating art -- move the African sculptures around.
Love the print making, study away photos

Don't change the furniture, I like it.
Maybe more outlets would be nice.

More "reading room" sort of set-ups, like the "Shoah" space.
Better library collection search engine.

Bathroom on first floor!

It is really bland and boring in the library, not very exciting to go to.

New chairs 2nd/3rd.
More outlets for laptops!


More tables on the 1st floor.

Don't charge for printing.

Managing noise on the 2nd floor.
Wish we could cancel booked room easier.

More computers!


Enforce noise levels on 2nd and 3rd floor.

More computers (DC not Macs). There are never enough for everyone.


All is well

Computers are always full during busy times of the day.

Online printing using personal laptops to send to printers.
More outlets.

More ergonomic chairs,
desks without bumpy surfaces.

Make it more comfy, always cold,
new chairs in study rooms are super uncomfortable.

My only suggestion is to somehow improve the sound proofing in the study rooms. The walls are super thin.

Cheaper printing for double sided!
Additional power cords were a great idea, this would be very helpful in the 3rd floor cubicles.
Maybe additional lamps to feel more comfortable?

More electric outlets for people to plug in computers.


More comfy places to sit!

More plugins!

Make walls be livelier to inspire studying and focus.

More space on 3rd floor.

N/A, overall very helpful.

More copy/printer points,
ability to renew ILL,
get documentaries via ILL

I think it's pretty good.

I would love it if the library was open 27/7 all the time and not just dead & finals week.

Everything is great!

Everyone is very helpful and there to solve my problems.

I enjoy the library as it is!

Make the 1st and 2nd floor more quiet.
Less printer problems.

More quickly getting repairs fixed such as missing keyboards.

The library seems fine as it is.

More hours.

More scholarly journal resources. It's tough when you find an article and the full version is not available.

None at the moment.

Find some way to keep study rooms cool.

Open longer hours.
More outlets.
Better chairs.

Comfy chairs for 3rd floor.

Not be so noisy.
Should be open 24/7 al the time -- I don't have computer access.

Bathroom on the first floor!
Sometimes the "Help" Desk is slow and not very helpful.

I can't think of any.

Arrange study rooms to accommodate larger groups.

Better ventilation on 3rd floor.

More computers, sometimes cannot find a free one to work on.
More printers as well.


More computers


Have books for English class in stock for checkout when we need thm for class.
It would be cool if we could plug in out laptops into a printer and pay or have a computer reserved for Google Drive/zip drive plug in printing. Needing to log in to a computer to print when they are not always available is lame.
Need more healthy snack in the vending machines and paper cups for water because the fountains have low flow and taste funny.

High chairs (like stools) and table, tall table to stand and type essays.

I like how it is.

I like how it is.


The library's selection of fiction current literature is a bit lacking and I would love to see more.


Expand the hours so that working off-campus grad students (traditional students) can better utilize it.

Not open till 10am on weekends. It would be great to have the library open earlier on weekends.

New furniture.

Allow access with PLU I.D.. for non-traditional study hours.

Later hours on Sunday

There is no incentive to print double sided. It costs the same yet uses less paper . It should be cheaper to print double sided.

More enforced noise levels between the floors. I would like to return to the 1st floor talking, 2nd whisper, 3rd silent.

More computers available to students.

Have more desktop computers available.

More outlets scattered throughout library
more chairs with back support

Tables positioned so you can sit and look out the windows and work.

Renovate for a bathroom on the 1st floor.

More computers for students to use in the library.

Barcodes on back of LuteCard -- I always lose mine!

More enforcement of quiet/silence
Sound proof walls in study rooms
longer hours on the weekends
open earlier

Printers that can link up to laptops.

Maybe more books available
Bigger computer lab

The chairs are a bit out dated.
Bigger computer lab.

Schedule of when design computers are reserved.

Updated furniture for the 2nd floor.

Open during Easter break would be nice.
More frequent power outlets, especially on 3rd floor.

New chairs on 2nd floor.

it would be nice if there were more computer charging outlet on the 3rd & 2nd floor.

More spaces for group work.
More tables for laptops and homework.
More computers and printers.

Maybe more computer space.

Bathrooms on 1st floor.

Need to make sure keyboards are not dusty.

More electricity contact on the tables on the 2nd floor.

Remodel of library
More computers

More available outlets in 2nd/3rd floor study areas to plug in laptops.

More computers and
more affordable printers/scanners

Perhaps enforce the "no talking" on the 3rd floor and
make more rooms available

Open during holidays.

Not enough renewals for capstone books.

Maybe more advertisement of resources.

More exhibits, they're very interesting.

More plug-in outlets.

Better study spaces. There aren't many comfortable  places to study and it's altogether ugly which makes a lot of us not want to be here.
Lots of tables are not close to outlets.

More contemporary fiction (Chuck Palahniuk, etc.).

I would love if there were more outlets.
It would also be nice if there was a way to get coffee in the library.

I honestly think the library and everything it offers is great. The Building itself is a bit dated but it's whatever.

More tables, maybe?

Free coffee.

More updated books, I suppose (but interlibrary loan).

More computer space,
more outlets/extension cords.
This is an academic school the library should be open 24/7.

Easier ways to find books.

The couches are nice but weird at the same time.

A little too loud.
We need to update all the resources for reference, plays.
More outlets. New couches.
More printers.

Several computers have keyboards that aren't up to par. Several have keys which have to be pounded to work.

More heat
more water fountains

Coffee available?
More available research assistance.

Too loud.
More places next to outlets?
More hours.

I am always for more time one/longer hours.

More outlets!
More desks!
More natural light!

It seems fine the way it is.

More outlets next to the couches PLEASE!

I have no suggestions.

More study rooms?
Better ventilation in the study rooms.

More outlets
Later weekend hours.


More comfortable chairs and couches.

The lower floors are dusty & uncomfortable/ better atmosphere.

More computers with professional software

Have more spaces to plug in your computer.

Open more on weekends.

Bigger windows,
more natural lighting,
More Power Outlets.

Update music library (sheet music and CDs) regularly.


Maybe not have the 3rd floor so creepy.

More candy

More movies,
plug-in outlets are sparsely found during dead week.

More outlets,
a new counter.

Make it look nicer.

I don't have any!

Offices near the downstairs study rooms disturb the silence offered by them.

DVDs in their cases -- 5 day checkout on DVD's.

Add some happier colors.
Put study rooms on 2nd floor because on 3rd floor when people talk loudly in them it disrupts my studying.

Bad wi-fi.
Stale air.
More outlets.
Working air conditioning.

Free printing.

None, really.
New printers that don't jam all the time? :)

Update the building and furniture (especially the 70's carpets).
Display the journals for browsing.

Enforce 3rd floor quiet rule a little better.

More resources that are available through ILL available here (online articles especially).