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*Politics & Government: Additional Web Resources

Who Cares?

Determining 'who cares' enough to gather information about your topic, region or research population, can be an important step in locating 'born digital' resources.

International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) & Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) may provide useful information on your topics. 

These organizations are often on the ground in countries around the world, gathering information and working with your targeted populations.

Think Tanks may also be studying or researching your topic and publishing policy briefs or white papers.

Locating Federal Government Publications

State Level Organizations

Congressional Research Service Reports

CRS reportCRS Reports are produced to provide members of Congress with background information on various topics.  The reseach is conducted by subject experts at the Library of Congress.  Some of the topics covered may be relevant to social work policy.

While the government does not make them all available online, a number of organizations make some available. The sites below provide searchable or browseable access.