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Library Snapshot Day 2012: Start Here

The PLU Library participated in the Washington Snapshot Day on Monday, April 9, 2012 to document the statewide "one day in the life of Washington's Libraries." A big "thank you" goes to everyone who took time to fill out our survey.

Library Website


visitors accessed the PLU Library website on April 9

Door Count


patrons and visitors came through the front door of the PLU Library on April 9

Find it Guides


patrons viewed subject or course guides on April 9

Check Outs


Items were checked out of the PLU Library on April 9

Interlibrary Loans


Items where checked out or borrowed using Interlibrary Loan on April 9

Reference Questions


Reference (research) questions were answered by librarians on April 9

Here's a few sample quesitons:

Ask-a-Librarian (chat):

I'm doing two literature research projects, one on Sarah Stickney Ellis and another on Hart Crane's the Bridge: the Dance section. I was hoping you could give me a few pointers on my resources? I've been using LION and JSTOR, but am coming up with little.

In person:

Student wanted books comparing coal and nuclear energy for his lower division CHEM class

1994 alum wanting to know when the library is open and if we had certain business sources

Library Building Open


hours on April 9

Snapshot Day 2012!

April 9, 2012 in Pictures

2012 Library Snapshot Day

Survey Results - What Patrons Use

Study room reservations system:

  • I like being able to reserve the study rooms also was the most reliable internet with provided computers.
  • I like having the study room reservations online. Makes it easier, I think

Printing and copying:

  • Came to return books and print out class handouts
  • I also made copies for research in a class and used the computer for school work
  • I use the library for printing mostly. The staff has always been friendly and helpful
  • Very helpful with assistance with copying machine. Quite efficient and effective

Movies on DVD:

  • Got movies with a friend
  • I checked out two DVDs relevant to my capstone paper while researching for sources for this paper
  • I love the library, and the movie selection!

Checked out materials:

  • Did homework, checked out materials for tomorrow’s class
  • First time to check out a book
  • I checked out books for a religion research paper

Survey Results - Suggestions

Suggestions for improvements:

  • I want filtered water fountains
  • It is a really nice library that could/should be upgraded soon. I like how I can do homework with friends and have doing it but also a silent floor, for when I have to put in work
  • Love it! But too hot all the time
  • Our library is very helpful and has resources for about everything you could ever need! Maybe a little dull and outdated to studying
  • Renew I.L.Ls that are overdue. They should be put in your library account, not on an unlinked I.L.L account/site
  • The library is pretty legit but I am saddened we do not have our own copy of Herland by Charlotte Gilman
  • Need to improve wireless in corners, and bean bag area

Google Analytics of Library Website April 9

Survey Results - What Patrons Like

Comments about the library, staff, and resources:

  • Awesome!
  • Excellent library facilities!
  • Found my book easily
  • Great and timely service
  • Great help!
  • Helpful and attentive as always
  • Helpful staff and capstone work is made easier with availability of resources
  • I ♥ the library
  • I am at library everyday I have class I depend on it to check email, HW, study, and checkout resources. I appreciate the resources and enables me to succeed in my studies
  • I have used/found a ton of resources for my Global Studies capstone and have gotten a lot of help with research
  • I like the library to study in. It is a place that helps me focus
  • I love the library the staff is very friendly and helpful
  • I love the library! I spend more time working here than studying though
  • I love this library J
  • I use the library everyday for computer use and book
  • I worked in the archives today and assisted visitors in their research there. Yay. I also got resources for my research projects and returned overdue books
  • It was quick and efficient
  • It’s a relaxing environment
  • It’s great! Very helpful!
  • Library and help desk staff are wonderful
  • Love it. Use the movies like every week!! So friendly!!
  • Our library is AWESOME! J
  • Outstanding and helpful staff
  • PLU library is awesome!
  • PLU library is awesome! J I appreciate the service they provide for all of us hard working students
  • Said hi to a friend
  • So nice
  • Staff is very helpful
  • Staff was helpful as usual
  • Thank goodness for libraries!
  • The circulation staff are very helpful
  • The library here is great
  • The library is a nice place to study and stay productive
  • The library is great!
  • The library is great! I haven’t taken advantage of all the resources they have, but I know they are there. They have all the things I need most of the time and are super helpful!
  • The library service is friendly!
  • Very good source of info, great help from staff and perfect place to study
  • Very helpful J
  • Very helpful and accommodating
  • Very helpful and easily approachable
  • Very helpful research materials
  • Very useful, I’d be drowning if it wasn’t for all the materials and resources here
  • Very well organized
  • Was very quiet and easy to study. Book was easy to find