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Disarming Polarization: start here

Mortvedt Library resources related to 2020 Wang Center Symposium, Disarming Polarization: Navigating Conflict and Difference.

Additional resources in the Mortvedt Library collection

call no. title author
BD236.A58 2018 The lies that bind : rethinking identity, creed, country, color, class, culture Kwame Anthony Appiah 
BJ1031.A635 2006 Cosmopolitanism : ethics in a world of strangers Kwame Anthony Appiah 
BJ1031.A64 2005 The ethics of identity Kwame Anthony Appiah 
BJ37.A67 2008 Experiments in ethics Kwame Anthony Appiah 
BL410.M26 2009 Getting to the heart of interfaith : the eye-opening, hope-filled friendship of a pastor, a rabbi & a sheikh Don Mackenzie; Ted Falcon; Imam Jamal Rahman
BL410.M33 2011 Religion gone astray : what we found at the heart of interfaith  Don Mackenzie, Ted Falcon, and Imam Jamal Rahman
BL53.N634 2013 Big gods : how religion transformed cooperation and conflict Ara Norenzayan
BP130.R34 2009   Out of darkness into light : spiritual guidance in the Quran with reflections from Jewish and Christian sources Jamal Rahman, Kathleen Schmitt Elias, Ann Holmes Redding
BR1070.S45 2016 Shifting identities : changes in the social, political, and religious structures in the Middle East Mitri Raheb
BT93.8.R34 1995 I am a Palestinian Christian Mitri Raheb
DS113.6.P3437 2013 Palestinian identity in relation to time and space Mitri Raheb, Diyar Consortium
DS115.5.I58 2011 The invention of history : a century of interplay between theology and politics in Palestine Mitri Raheb
E185.615.A77 1996 Color conscious : the political morality of race Kwame Anthony Appiah, Amy Gutmann
HM836.A67 2010 The honor code : how moral revolutions happen Kwame Anthony Appiah 
HN79.A165.T99 2019 Angry T́ias : Cruelty and compassion on the U.S.-Mexico border Daniel Tyx
HQ71.T57 2003 Third sex, third gender : beyond sexual dimorphism in culture and history Gilbert Herdt
HQ766.5.U5R297 2017 Radical reproductive justice : foundations, theory, practice, critique Loretta Ross, Lynn Roberts, Erika Derkas, Whitney Peoples, Pamela D Bridgewater
HQ766.5.U5R58 2017 Killing the black body : race, reproduction, and the meaning of liberty Dorothy E Roberts
HQ77.9.S687 2017 He/she/they-us : essential information vocabulary and concepts to help you become a better ally to the transgender and gender diverse people in your life Jessica Soukup
HQ77.9.S77 2017 Transgender history : the roots of today's revolution Susan Stryker
HQ77.95.U6S66 2017 Black on both sides : a racial history of trans identity C Riley Snorton
HS2325.B45 2018 Bring the war home : the white power movement and paramilitary America Kathleen Belew
HT1521.K363 2019 Whiteshift : populism, immigration, and the future of white majorities Eric P Kaufmann
HT857.B65 2007 Buying freedom : the ethics and economics of slave redemption Kwame Anthony Appiah 
HV6773.52.A44 2018 American hate : survivors speak out Arjun Singh Sethi
JA75.7.H53 2014 Predisposed : liberals, conservatives, and the biology of political differences John R Hibbing, Kevin B Smith, John R Alford
JA76.D368 2019 Democracies divided : the global challenge of political polarization Thomas Carothers, Andrew O'Donohue
JK1726.M399 2019 Polarization : what everyone needs to know Nolan M McCarty
JK1726.S66 2015 Solutions to political polarization in America Nathaniel Persily
JK1764.J37 2019 White identity politics Ashley Jardina
JK1967.A57 2015 White backlash : immigration, race, and American politics Marisa Abrajano, Zoltan Hajnal
JK2261.S63 2016 Social psychology of political polarization Piercarlo Valdesolo, Jesse Graham 
JK2271.F565 2017 Unstable majorities : polarization, party sorting, and political stalemate Morris P Fiorina
JV6035.C36 2019 Open borders : the science and ethics of immigration Bryan Douglas Caplan, Zach Weinersmith, Mary Cagle
KF3760.R67 2017 Reproductive justice : an introduction Loretta Ross; Rickie Solinger
KF4754.5.S63 2015 Normal life : administrative violence, critical trans politics, and the limits of law Dean Spade
NX650.G44T73 2017  Trap door : trans cultural production and the politics of visibility Tourmaline, Eric A Stanley, Johanna Burton
RG121.G87 2015 Reproductive justice : the politics of health care for Native American women  Barbara Anne Gurr
RG133.5.U526 2004 Undivided rights : women of color organize for reproductive justice  Jael Miriam Silliman, Marlene Gerber Fried, Loretta Ross, Elena R Gutiérrez