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Pacific Lutheran University

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Getting Started with Research

Whether this is your first time doing research, you need a quick refresher, or you want to improve your own research practices, this guide is design to assist you.

Additional Assistance

If the information in this guide is not enough to answer your question, it may mean that you have a question that requires some assistance from a librarian or your professor. Here are a few ways to contact a librarian:

  • Schedule a Meeting: If you know which librarian you would like to meet with, you will be able to see their calendar and arrange a meeting with them.
  • By Email: You can contact any librarian by email. You can find that email as well as their areas of expertise in their respective profile.
  • Ask-a-Librarian: Outside of office hours when a PLU librarian may not be available, you can use our Ask-a-Librarian service to get assistance from librarians across the country.
  • By Phone: You can find each librarian's phone in their profile page, but you can also contact the library at (253) 535-7507 and you'll be redirected to the most appropriate librarian.