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*Computer Science

O'Reilly Online Learning: Your Technology E-book Collection

O'Reilly online learning logo Access a wealth of programming manuals, design books, engineering texts, history and theory, and much more with O'Reilly Online Learning. This collection features over 30,000 books, videos, and other learning materials on everything from making your own apps to getting started with a new programming language to interface design to network architecture, from publishers such as O'Reilly, Peachpit, Que, and MIT Press.

Finding Computer Science Articles

For news on the latest developments in computer science, to review articles, to the primary research literature, use these databases to find articles on your CS topic. 

Recommended Reads


Our increasing reliance on technology and the internet has opened a window for mathematicians and data researchers to gaze through into our lives. Using the data they are constantly collecting about where we travel, where we shop, what we buy and what interests us, they can begin to predict our daily habits. But how reliable is this data?

ADA Lovelace

How did a young woman in the nineteenth century, without access to formal school or university education, acquire the knowledge and expertise to become a pioneer of computer science? Although an unusual pursuit for women at the time, Ada Lovelace studied science and mathematics from a young age. Her ideas on the principles of computing, computer music and artificial intelligence strike a chord to this day.

The User Unconscious

"Humans now exist and imagine within multiple layers of omnipresent digital networks, changing our conscious and unconscious lives." -- CHOICE reviews