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Children's Literature: Children's Literature

How to find picture books

A picture book consists of mainly of illustrations and is geared toward children who have not yet learned to read.

How to find picture books in the PLU catalog:

1) search using the term (with quotes) "picture books"

2) in the left column, select format:"book" and audience:"juvenile"

Books by Level or Subject

How to find children's fiction or non-fiction books

1) Go to the search box "Search Pacific Lutheran University Library and beyond" on the library home page,

catalog image

click on the "Books" tab and type in a genre or subject

For example

Interpersonal relations
Fathers and sons
Coming of age
Science fiction
Indians of North America

then click on the "Go" button


2) Look to the left column under "Content" and select "Fiction" or "Non-Fiction,"

then under "Audience" select "Juvenile"

Where are the children's books in the PLU Library?

The chidren's book section is on the second floor of the library. Books are organized by Library of Congress subjects. Use the catalog to easily find books.


Links to online full-text children's books

Subject Guide

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