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Copyright & Fair Use: Film and video in class and on campus

Applicable Regulations

The guidelines around using film and video in an online context largely derive from the TEACH Act of 2002, which revised U.S. copyright law to make specific provisions for distance learning.

Film Guidelines for Distance Learning

Streaming during class:

  • For DVDs, or streaming videos that are not licensed for educational use
  • Must be shown during a regular synchronous class session
  • Can be streamed via your videoconferencing software (Zoom or other application) by screen sharing
  • Make sure participants' ability to record is turned off

Included in Sakai:

  • Library-licensed digital content (Academic Video Online, JoVE, Naxos, etc) can be included as a resource via linking--librarians can assist with creating stable links
  • Content licensed as part of other course content (such as bundled as part of a textbook) depends on the license and technical specifications. Contact the library for assistance with the former, and for the latter.
  • Public domain or open access digital content can be linked to or embedded in your course site

Unfortunately, the library is unable to make digital copies of DVD or VHS video, and cannot host digital media on our servers.

Additional resources for faculty

Resources for student clubs