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Pacific Lutheran University

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Library/Mithun Planning: Start Here

2017 Perkins+Will Plan

Mortvedt Library First Floor Improvements draft plan of January 27, 2017 by Perkins+Will.

2010 Mithun Plan

Plan for Mortvedt library improvments by Mithun's architects and interior designers.

Patron Use of Library Spaces

Photos of patrons using a variety of furniture and spaces in the Mortvedt Library.

Patron Use of Space

Incremental Improvements

Over the last severtal years the following building improvements have been made:

Moved service points & popular collections:

  • Created self-serve interlibrary loan pick up in lobby
  • Combined librarians' desk with circulation desk
  • Created browse-able DVD/CD storage on 1st floor

Opened up sight lines

  • Relocated and reduced shelving on 2nd floor mezzanine
  • Reduced the amount of 1st floor Reference collection shelving
  • Reduced amount of 1st floor current periodical shelving
  • Removed cluttered lobby display cases
  • Removed & relocated display "art"
  • Removed shelving blocking 2nd & 3rd floor windows
  • Relocated lobby plants to 2nd & 3rd floors
  • Added shelving to 3rd floor
  • Added "attractive" recycle bins and removed trash cans

Improved seating & studying options

  • Added mobile bean bags
  • Added or relocated couches, chairs, and coffee tables
  • Added lounge chairs
  • Removed excess study carols and tables
  • Updated and added computers/viewers to study rooms
  • New study areas added to 2nd floor mezzanine
  • More individual study rooms added on 2nd floor
  • Partnered with art department for student art installations in study rooms (increased soundproofing)

Surface treatments

  • Re-carpeted 1st floor
  • Recarpeted 2nd floor mezzanine
  • Re-carpeted & improved African Art Gallery stairwell
  • Painted large public accent walls on all 3 floors
  • Painted study rooms with accent walls
  • Ceiling tiles replaced on 2nd floor

Infrastructure upgrades

  • Replaced building cooling system (new "chiller")
  • Installed energy efficient lighting throughout building (coming Summer 2013)
  • Installed additional electrical outlets for laptop plug-in on 1st floor

Visual of Some Incremental Improvments

2009 Library Improvements


lounge chairs, relocated art

accent walls

additional study rooms, additional computers

study room installation by PLU students