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FYEP Faculty Library Toolkit: Services to Support Your FYEP Course

Thinking About Research

"Research is about more than exploiting the sources at our disposal – it requires practicing the habits of mind needed to ask meaningful questions and thereby enter a scholarly conversation."

Patrick Ragains & Janelle M. Zauha

Request a Session

If you are ready to schedule your FYEP Library Session you can use the online form below.

Timing is Everything

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The timing of your library session can have a big impact on how much the students retain.

It is best to schedule the library session when the students are actively thinking about their assignment.

Depending upon the type of assignment, this is generally within 2-3 weeks of the due date.

Research Guides

The Library software that allows the librarians to easily create resource guides for courses. 

The guides can include links to key books & databases, embed media clips, and compile all the resources we use in the session in one place -- increasing both the interactive potential of the session & the students' ability to return to the sources at a later date.

You also have the option of linking to the guide in Sakai.

What Do We Need?

If you are teaching a new FYEP course or know of new resources that would be of use to your students, please contact Amy Stewart-Mailhiot or submit the online form.