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Public Performance Rights for Films: By Independent Film Title

Details of public performance rights purchased for DVDs in the library's collection

About public performance rights

Public Performance Rights are the right to publicly show a film (e.g. anything outside your home).  You are never allowed to sell, rent, copy, or modify film.  If there is information missing here, it is because the vendor did not address it.
If you have questions, contact library technical services at  We can contact the vendors on your behalf.

Rights by Independent Film Title

Independent films sold individually instead of through a vendor

Film Title
Charging admission allowed?
ILL Allowed?
Limits to Location?
Limits to Audience?
Can distribute by televising or posting online?
Term of License
Last Updated
URL with entire wording
American Winter             02/11/16
Anatomy of Hate No           12/18/15
Back to the Garden No         Life of DVD 12/21/15
Billy: A Man Who Lives in the Margins No           12/21/15
Broken on All Sides             02/11/16
Documented: A Film By an Undocumented American No     < 100 people   Life of DVD 05/14/19
Genius of Marian No   Campus only       11/24/15
Julio Mayo: Bracero Con Cámara   Yes         01/18/18 Email from director
Kumu Hina       Classrooms and community assemblies allowed     11/24/15
Linotype     Campus only       12/21/15
Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women             12/22/15
Mask You Live In     Campus only Parents, educators, students & the community are allowed Need to purchase separate license   11/24/15
Miss Representation     Campus only Parents, educations, students & the community are allowed Need to purchase separate license   11/24/15
Objectified No     Cannot show or advertise to the public     12/22/15
Oma & Bella No     Less than 50 people Need to purchase separate license   09/22/16
On Life's Terms No No     No   11/24/15
Orgasm Inc             02/11/16
Other Side of Immigration             02/11/16
Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy   No Campus Only   Need to purchase separate license Life of DVD 01/28/16
Prom Night in Mississipi             02/11/16
River Between Us     Campus only       12/21/15
Runners High             02/11/16
Sweet Dreams: A Documentary Film No, unless contact vendor   Classroom and library use only       11/24/15
Touch the Wall No, unless contact vendor    

≤ 250 people

Transgender Tuesdays             02/11/16
War on the Family Yes Yes         11/24/15
When China Met Africa Contact vendor about any public performance rights 12/18/15