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eBooks @ PLU: EBL

A guide to the PLU Library's eBook collection, including how to access, troubleshooting, and checkout options.

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What is it?

E-books on the EBL platform. Read online, download individual chapters, save links to the book. EBL books can also be found in the library catalog.


To check out EBL e-books, you will need:

  1. Adobe Digital Editions (or, if downloading directly to a device such as an iPad, an Adobe Digital Editions ID). Adobe Digital Editions is a free download to your computer.
  2. An e-reader. You can use an Adobe Digital Editions-compatible device, Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, or install the free BlueFire app on your iOS or Android device.

To check out, open the book by clicking Read Online. Then, click the Download tab on the left, choose your loan period, and click the button.

How to access

Access EBL e-books:


Can I... an EBL book? Yes! You can download the book to your computer and read it using Adobe Digital Editions, or to your Android or iOS device using the Bluefire reader. Both applications are free.

...use EBL with my mobile device? Yes; see above.

...print from EBL books? Yes! Each book will show you how many pages you can copy or print from the book. This is determined by the publisher and fair use guidelines. The usual is 20% for copying, 40% for printing. This may vary for individual books.

...use EBL books with a screen reader or other accessibility device? Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with screen reading software. You can also read online with a screen reader using the PDF reading option (rather than the image; look at the top of the screen when you have a book open in the browser).

...use EBL books as a course text or reading? Yes. You may print or copy a set number of pagesas described above. Or, link to the book using our resource linker. (However, keep in mind that some EBL books only allow one person to access them at a time.)

eBooks Guide

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