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New Faculty Checklist: Borrowing & Requesting Resources

Welcome to the PLU Library!

The faculty librarians & staff of the Library are happy to welcome you to the PLU community.  We have created this guide to highlight the resources & services we think you may need in the first 4-6 weeks of the semester.  If you find that you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us or just stop by.

Get your barcode

Your Lutecard (PLU ID card) is your library card.  The first time you check out an item book, our circulation staff will add a barcode to the back of your card. 

There is no limit to the number of items you can check out and no fines.

You will, however, have to return all checked out items at the end of every academic year (due date: April 30). Full details about borrowing privileges are available online.

Search the library catalog for items you want

The PLU Library catalog allows you to search for books, articles & more simultaneously.  You can also search 'Libraries Worldwide' to see what resources are available at other libraries.

Set up your course reserves

For questions or assistance with library reserves, please call (253) 535-7175 or email

Request the media you plan to use in class

dvd coversUse the media request form to place orders for films, videos, DVDs and VHS tapes from the library collection to be put on hold for classroom use. 

If the library doesn't own the item, we will try to acquire it through Interlibrary Loan, Netflix, or through direct purchase.

Please make your request at least one week before you need to show it in class.

You can also submit a list of requests at the beginning of each academic term with the dates that you need them.

Submit a purchase suggestion for items we don't own

If you are teaching a new course or know of new resources that would be of use to your students, please contact your departmental liaison  or submit the request form below.

Departmental liaisons

 Department  Librarian  Faculty Library Liaison
 Anthropology  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  David Huelsbeck
 Art  Holly Senn  Michael Stasinos
 Biology  Genevieve Williams  Shannon Seidel
 Business  Jieun Kang  Catherine Ha
 Chemistry  Genevieve Williams  Sheri Tonn
 Chinese Studies  Jieun Kang  Paul Manfredi
 Communication & Theatre  Holly Senn  Rachel Winchester
 Computer Science  Genevieve Williams  Renzhi Cao
 Economics  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Krisztina Nagy
 Education  Holly Senn  Gregory Williams
 English  Jieun Kang  Adela Ramos
 Environmental Studies  Genevieve Williams  Romey Haberle
 Geosciences  Genevieve Williams  Tarka Wilcox
 Global Studies  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Giovanna Urdangarain
 History  Jieun Kang  E. Wayne Carp
 Holocaust & Genocide Studies  Jieun Kang  Beth Griech-Polelle
 International Honors  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Carmina Palerm
 Kinesiology  Holly Senn  Charlie Katica
 Languages & Literatures  Jieun Kang  Bridget Yaden
 Marriage & Family Therapy  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Elisabeth Esmiol
 Mathematics  Genevieve Williams  N. Justice
 Music  Genevieve Williams  Oksana Ejokina
 Nordic Studies  Kerstin Ringdahl  Jennifer Jenkins
 Nursing  Genevieve Williams  Pam George
 Philosophy  Jieun Kang  Keith Cooper
 Physics  Genevieve Williams  Bill Greenwood
 Political Science  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Maria Chavez
 Psychology  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Tiffany Artime
 Publishing & Printing  Jieun Kang  Solveig Robinson
 Religion  Jieun Kang  Tony Finitsis
 Social Work  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Kathy Russell
 Sociology  Amy Stewart-Mailhiot  Peter Grosvenor
 Women's & Gender Studies  Holly Senn  Teresa Ciabattari